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Friday, December 01, 2006 :::

I'm going to be spending the next several weeks on a blog dedicated to opposition to Mitt Romney in the Massachusetts Prolife Community. He's getting some traction with evangelicals that are taking his miraculous makeover on face value.

I want everyone to know that while working my two jobs, taking care of my family and spending the time getting the word out there nationally on Mitt. (I'm additionally preparing a report to send to Fallwell, Robertson,many other prolife national leaders...and our orthodox Cardinals and Bishops, I am putting a final report together on Talking about Touching. I intend to send out nationally with the criminal and civil accountability tags to various people who have spent all these years enthroning it (in spite of the evidence).

I'll probably be limiting the posts here to a few times a week as I have for the last several weeks.

Here's the link to the Romney blog...under construction...

Prolife Romney for President Watch

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