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Sunday, November 19, 2006 :::

Word is just getting around cyberspace about the truimphant return of the Chancellor of the San Francisco diocese and pastor of Holy Redeemer parish, Fr. Merriweather

The Lifesite story was posted on Spirit Daily...under "What in the world..."

You'll remember the diocescan chancellor had incorporated his privately held entertainment preferences into his parish:

The games at Most Holy Redeemer were described in a local homosexual newspaper, the San Francisco Bay Times, who said the event included sexually explicit activities. Prizes included porn DVDs and "sex toys" the paper said.

The "Sisters," whose motto is "go and sin some more" and describes itself as a "leading-edge order of queer nuns," planned to hold regular bingo games including one that featured, as master of ceremonies, "Peaches Christ" on the Feast of All Souls, the day on which Catholics traditionally pray for their dead.

The article goes on...

The parish website carries a message from Fr. Meriwether saying, "You will find the good people of our parish old, young, married, gay, lesbian, transgender, affluent, homeless, blue-collar, converts, cradle Catholics, radical, traditional, questioning, fervent."

The website also includes links to various homosexual activist groups including Dignity San Francisco, the Gay Catholic Forum, the Conference of Catholic Lesbians, and the dissident anti-Catholic organization, Voice of the Faithful.

Father Meriwether was appointed to his post as archdiocesan chancellor by the former archbishop of San Francisco, William Levada. Levada is now a cardinal and serves in Rome as the head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. As such, he is considered the second most powerful man in the Catholic Church.

Also at Spirit Daily is a story under the caption..

"Vatican unheeded as sex education threatens young"

Of course "the Vatican" is unheeded, programs that hire and appoint folks whose sexual ideology opposes the 10 Commandments, the Catechism and promote 'go and sin some more' is nearly every Bishop's (save for 24 I believe the count is)trajectory.

How can anyone deny that Levada is the very man who found Merriweather's trajectory crucial enough to his ideology to appoint him Chancellor? They are of like mind.

In fact, we know, and it's on the record, Levada not only was of like mind with Merriweather, and protected persons who then acted on their sexual urges with children - - he also had a profound administrative process that silenced and persecuted priests who "told" on pedophiles.

This is the man now second to the top at the Vatican.

Why do you think the Vatican is "unheeded"?


Come now. Is anyone really surprised the Vatican is not protecting children from the ideology?

As far as I am concerned - it is quite profound - and in fact it was an ephiphany that out of 300, 400 priests in this diocese - we have two or three who care enough about the protection of children to stand up and be counted on the issue. It is very hard for me not to believe that the priests in this diocese , save for the handful, would look the other way if they knew a fellow priest was a pedophile, remains silent if they were appointed to a parish, and they would join the charade so long as they felt they themselves were doing "good works".

I know for a fact that Monsignor Deely who is over in Rome acting in his position to formally remove threats to children, is well aware of what is going on with the programs. He is not ignorant of the fact that teachers, volunteers, our priests, nuns, etc., support the sexual "freedom" of all individuals, including underage children. He knows full well that parents who object to having sexuality introduced as violent, as threatening, to their underage children are most concerned about how that will develop their id, their ego, their libido, their life-long formation that should develop sexuality as a holy encounter where God is present. Monsignor Deely is not unaware that parents and priests have been complaining to the diocese, to the Vatican that the children of Boston are in danger because Cardinal O'Malley and his lackeys appoint morally disordered who we have consistently pointed out have wanted to take on a community role of interceeding for children whom they feel are being sexually supressed by Catholic parents teaching chastity and holiness as their moral compass - - and have been harassed, threatened, maligned, slandered, silenced.

What has been done?

O'Malley was elevated to Cardinal - that what was done.

Anyone who can't see why the Vatican is "unheeded", as far as I'm concerend, has a big red ball at the end of their nose.

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