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Friday, November 10, 2006 :::

Well, I be done seen about everything...when I see the elephants fly...

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at the RNC?

You think they now recognize that once Mehlman took over the RNC and took the ark to the left, prolifers and evangelicals said Bon Voyage?

George W's support for Plan B - - - 3 dollars a gallon for gasoline without any recognition from the White House, Congress, the House, home heating costs, groceries, electricity, insurance, the state of affairs in education...the albatross of spending time, money and lives on a war that is stagnant in objectives....all unhelpful. But at the end of the day - the Republicans went too far to the "middle" to be of any use to the religious right. The days of selling us "the lesser of two evils" are gonzo.

One would hope we've gotten the message through that the buffoonery of a Kerry as the poster boy of the Democrats, claiming to have personal convictions that are in opposition to his political paper trail and record - - and the buffoonery of a Romney as the poster boy of the Republicans, claiming to have personal convictions that are in opposition to his political paper trail and is one and the same to us.

Even the Rhode's scholar we don't often agree with has some savvy advice:

"The reason we are at this moment," former president Bill Clinton told a group of Democratic donors Nov. 1, "is that they do not represent faithfully the Republicans and the more conservative independents in the country. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here tonight. This is a sweeping, deep, big thing." According to the nation's most popular Democrat, in other words, Republicans were about to be punished for having abandoned their Republican principles. Voters were going to demote the GOP not because its agenda had grown too conservative -- but because it hadn't been conservative enough.

In the Catholic vineyard, too many years of the USCCB lowered our threshold for stomaching what we perceive as disingenuous publicity stunts. Right or wrong, we are at a new level of "zero tolerance". Most of us flush out the hype to get to the bottom of the paper trail. If it has a stink, we're not behind it.

The Harriet Meirs of this election, Rick Santorum, may indeed be the most compelling monument of our new zero tolerance policy.

Even with Santorum's record, the day he chose to support Arlen Spector over a prolifer was the day prolife Catholics sealed their political convictions. He's a good man and has done great things and God Bless him - but for Catholic prolife political activists, Santorum can't shake the stink of Spector.

While Mehlman and the RNC's alienation of prolifers was far more subtle than the antiCatholic mockery of Sen Casey at the DNC Convention, the common denominator doesn't escape people who are willing to be honest.

Nov. 7 was a debacle for Republicans, not conservatives. Democrats gained power in Washington, but around the country there was no shortage of evidence that the nation's tectonic shift to the right is still ongoing. Seven more states approved amendments barring same-sex marriage; only in Arizona was a marriage amendment narrowly defeated....

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a San Francisco liberal of the first water, but many of her party's incoming freshmen campaigned as cultural conservatives. Indiana Democrat Brad Ellsworth, for example, described himself as anti abortion, pro-traditional marriage, "a hunter who supports the Second Amendment," and a "local sheriff" who would fight "to protect our kids from violence and filth on TV and the Internet." He and other "blue-dog" conservatives will be tugging the new Democratic majority to the right, while the defeat of liberal Republicans like Connecticut's Nancy Johnson and Iowa's Jim Leach means that the Republican minority in the 110th Congress will move to the right as well.
Offering Rumsfeld as the sacrificial lamb does not surgically remove the malignancy. This election has exposed Mehlman's leadership as a publicity stunt to try to fool the religious right. At the end of the day, he is the court jester that has to be removed and replaced with someone who is authentically and zealously on board with our agenda.

The bottom line is, we all know that whomever the RNC gets behind as their future candidate, that is the individual that will get the necessary traction and money to achieve momentum to the nomination. We want Sam Brownback who has a paper trail and record that will zealously invigorate prolifers. I don't think this necessarily plugs us into the RNC. But, it does give us a beneficial achievement that will ignite us, extraneous to whatever they decide to do with their malignancy.

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