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Saturday, November 04, 2006 :::

They won't let the bare breasted drag queen bingo play in the Seamless Garment

"Outcry leads to quashing of risqué event by 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"

In their usual and customary Big Tent protocol, the Bishop and his Chancery bufoons didn't act on the first phone call telling them. Nor did they act on the first hundred phone calls. Nor did they act on the first thousand letters and phone calls telling them about Fr. Meriwether's shtick.

It had to posted on a blog (Mark Shea's) before the Bishop and his lackeys would act like they give a rat's ass about any of it:

The bingo games came to light after a San Francisco reader posted information about them on Mark Shea's weblog. Catholics nationwide immediately began contacting the San Francisco archdiocese and Most Holy Redeemer parish to put a stop to the event.

Meriwether was appointed chancellor to the diocese by Levada:

Most Holy Redeemer is pastored by Father Stephen Meriwether, the chancellor of the San Francisco Archdiocese under Archbishop George Neideraurer. Father Meriwether was appointed to his current post by former Archbishop William Levada. Levada was elevated to the rank of cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI earlier this year and heads the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. According to a parish assistant, Father Meriwether was aware of the blasphemous bingo games.

The article went on to describe sexual "punishments" meted out to participants whose cell phones ring during the game or who call a false bingo. Prizes distributed to winners, according to the article, range from "wines to porn DVDs to sex toys to toasters and more."

Meriwether knew, the Bishop knew and Levada knew. Did the Pope know when he appointed Levada?

The rest of us in the United States knew about Levada's prediliction to support these kinds of activities and hide them under the rug... so if the Pope didn't know, our parishes are much more unsafe from sexual predators than any of us could have possibly imagined. Wouldn't that be a fair statement?

At the tail end of the BS statement of indignation from the Chancery was this:

Fr. Meriwether is on leave from his duties.

Thank you Jesus for blogs.

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