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Sunday, November 26, 2006 :::

Rueters is a little behind the curve ball but this is an interesting story

"He is doing all the right things for the social conservatives who drive the nomination process,"

While traveling the nation as head of the Republican Governors Association, the former venture capitalist has taken increasingly conservative stands on hot-button issues -- gay marriage, abortion, stem-cell research and immigration -- that could appeal to his party's conservative base.

Increasingly, he tweaked what he was saying and doing, opposing his own record to appeal to the Christian right.

Stephen Wayne, a Georgetown University professor and author of "The Road to the White House," said the move "is obviously related to his desire to appeal to the Christian right in the Republican Party."

Are some Christian right signing up with Romney?

Sure. But, for the most part, the grassroots is getting Romney's record out and yanking Christian right leaders off the bus.

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