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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 :::

Lifesite picked up on the CMA report about all the wingnuts the Cardinals and Bishops put in charge of talking about safe sexual encounters.

Doctors Oppose Bishops‘ “Talking About Touching” Abuse Prevention Program

By Gudrun Schultz

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 28, 2006 ( - The Catholic Medical Association has asked the U.S. bishops to stop using controversial sexual abuse education programs, aimed at teaching young children to protect themselves from abusers, in their dioceses.

Sure beats taking a good common sense look at your employees and volunteers, inquiring about their philosophies about sexuality and firing people who may be misleading the child into the hands of a partner because it's a cool thing to do and everyone is doing it....and remove them from access to children.

During the association's annual conference in Boston last month, the CMA released a 55-page study that condemned programs such as "Talking About Touching" as ineffective, out-of-step with child development, and not in keeping with the Church's teaching on the appropriate sex education of children, the National Catholic Register reported last week.

The report, entitled To Prevent and to Protect: Report of the Catholic Medical Association Task Force on the Sexual Abuse of Children and Its Prevention, echoes complaints from parents and pro-family groups against the safety programs implemented at the bishops' 2002 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

Opponents criticized the programs for exposing young children to sexual concepts inappropriate to their age, and for burdening children with the responsibility of protecting themselves against sexual abuse.

Again, the most dangerous thing about this program is not mentioned in the article. I sure hope it's in the report.

99% of sexual predators haven't been caught and they ferret out situations to talk to kids about sex. The chances of a pervert being in a CCD classroom, picking out the weak kids in the class and building a personal relationship that will end up sexual, has increased a hundred fold.

In an article written April 28, 2003 Best Practices Journal Jack McCalmon, Esq., Director of VIRTUS Programs and Services (education subsidiary of USCCB insurer National Risk Retention Group) stated that “people who sexually abuse often pretend to offer a missing piece in a child’s life, if knowledge of sex is the missing piece you have given the offender an opening to exploit your child. It’s not uncommon for an offender to tell a child that he or she is teaching the child about love when, in reality, the offender is teaching the child about sex – for the offender’s own personal gain.”

So, what does he do?

He pretends there's a missing piece in Catholic children's lives. The knowledge of sex is the missing piece, giving every classroom, in every parish in the country the opening to exploit Catholic children.

It's hard to believe any individual would be so stupid, much less hundreds of men operating the Roman Catholic Church.

McCalmon goes on:

“I don’t want my child to be the kid in the group telling everyone else: “No, it’s called a thingamajig.”, McCalmon explains.

The man is an absolute poster boy for why the Roman Catholic church hires perverts. There's something wrong in the whichamacallits..noodles, noggins...hat racks.

“When a parent says he or she is protecting their child by not teaching the child about private body parts, their functions and sex, the parent is actually making the child more vulnerable”, said McCalmon.

I wonder how many think tanks and committees these wizards sat mystified trying figure out how Catholics have been procreating for two thousand years.

I have several friends who try to tell me that I made an egregious error when I didn't accept a position on the "committee" to evaluate "Talking about Touching" for the diocese.

How much drivel do you think I would have listened to before I stood up and said "You IDIOTS! The last thing we should be doing is putting immoral, amoral malformed laity in situations where they are selling their ideology to children who will be ripe to try it the next time a pervert crosses their radar and suggests they know something will feel good.

"We", the "parents", want to control "who" teaches our children about their private body parts and the "functions" of sex. We want to teach them sanctification, the holiness, the principles and guidelines of our precious, gentle, loving gift that will take their intimacy through a lifetime.

“Some parents—because of their own background and experience—have difficulty talking with their children about these issues. What they don’t realize is their discomfort with using proper names for body parts places their children at risk and may create a risk for other children" McCalmon continues.

That’s why teachers need to be properly trained to fill in the information void”

The bottom line here is, they are still failing to provide information to parents about the ideologies, theologies and sexually depraved philosophies of the people they put in charge of this nightmare - - and how it was, and how it is, affecting sexual conduct of the people who are under their tutelage.

The problem was and continues to be one of negligent hiring, negligent supervision, misfeasance and malfeasance and the malpractice of those purporting themselves to be experts in the prevention of sexual abuse of children.

The CMA report says sexual abuse of minors has not dropped since the education programs were implemented, which they argue reinforces their objections to the programs. Although opponents dispute the CMA's claim of unchanging abuse rates, the executive director of the CMA said whether or not the rates have changed is not the point of the reports' conclusions.


Well, when they find a pervert, who are they telling?

I've not heard of a single case in the country where Talking about Touching flushed out a pervert and everyone in the community was warned - have you?

Has anyone?

If they have found a pervert in Boston, they're keeping it a secret aren't they?

That was the problem to begin with.

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