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Saturday, November 18, 2006 :::

Interesting comments in this article from Russ Shaw on the Bishops Conference

As this week's statements show, the difficulties of the past few years have also resulted in an important shift in the mindset of the bishops themselves. This new mindset is more traditional and unafraid to reassert the church's teaching in the face of widespread opposition. The kind of bishop who embraces this traditional point of view believes that many Catholics are enormously confused and that he can no longer sit quietly and let people's commitment to faith erode. His growing presence in the American episcopacy was made evident this week in the conference votes: the bishops were overwhelming in their support for each statement. "The old guard are passing from the scene," says Russell Shaw, a Catholic writer and former press secretary to the U.S. bishops (he attended all the meetings). "They were hardly heard from at the meeting, they're now in the past and we're entering a whole new era."

While I agree that affirming our teachings in the public square is a fresh coat of paint on the Conference, I think Russ doesn't have his fingers on the pulse of the "new era".

Have we driven the dissent underground?

Absolutely. Dissent is off the radar in the public square, excepting very few Bishops and priests who are still gnashing and grinding about.

The Bishops will cancel the drag queen bingo and yank the pastor, who also happens to be the Chancellor of the dioceseWhen we expose the dissent, they gladly spin out statements out there as though the "old guard is past and we are entering a new era"

But, in reality - we all know what these Bishops are doing on a grassroots level. The priests are returned, glorified, edified, adored, empowered, thanked - - while our orthodox priests are hammered, silenced, removed, accused, told they are no longer needed, tormented by Chancery officials.

While Bryan Hehir, Clare Bertero, Jack Connors, Peter Lynch, Janet Eisner and Boisi heretics are placed in charge of education - everyone is afraid to say what O'Malley is - and so therefore - the pretense that there is some kind of orthodoxy to his objectives on forming the faithful is the facade Russell Shaw wants to believe is real.

I admire Russ and I respect him - but it's fair to say that most of us in the grassroots who are actually dealing with how these Bishops prevent the faith from being taught (as opposed to reading their statements on face value) can say that the situation is more like...the old guard is simply wearing more clever masks...Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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