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Friday, November 24, 2006 :::

Group: O’Malley must halt Catholic Charities ‘scandals’

Catholic Charities put an ad in Bay Windows promoting its annual Christmas house tour, an annual fund-raiser run by the South Boston Laboure Center.

Here's the spin from Bryan Hehir on Catholic Charities website.

The purpose of the ads was to invite members of the Boston community to this holiday event,

I guess they figured diocescan employees, the Chancery, Sisters of St. Joseph and the Boston presbyterate wouldn't get the invitation unless they ran an ad in Bay Windows?

Will somebody please grab a Penthouse at 7/11 to see if they gave heteros equal opportunity to tour their Open House?

Certainly the invitation to our homosexual and lesbian community is edifying, but the invitation should have went out through Courage, our Catholic outreach program that does not stray from the teachings on the church.

Let's face it, an invitation through an ad in Bay Windows - which attacks Catholic teaching and those espousing it on a regular basis - is a perfect example of Cardinal Sean's Dog and Pony Show.

ya, ya, ya, ya!

Speaking of CC - they're keeping their "honoree" of this years Christmas party mighty quiet this year, wouldn't you say?

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