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Friday, November 24, 2006 :::

The Diocesan Drivel came in the mail today (thank you to Fr. Anon.) (p.s. Is it me, or are they sending it out more than once a month??)

I got off on the wrong foot, attitude-wise, when I picked up a brochure which fell at my feet as I opened the package. I picked it up, and focused on a good sized picture of quite an odd little gadget with writing over it that said "Earthen Vessels".

"What the heck is that" I said to one of the kids, "It looks like a hash-hish pipe."

(here's a picture of it at the top of this the left of "Earthen Vessells")

I realized, whatever the thing was, the brochure is from what I call the Mirimar Massage Parlor whom many of you will remember has a Buddah, ennegram and massage therapists program to renew the centrifical force of the diocescan priesthood.

A few interesting clergy assignments. (Still no announcement about Ron Coyne's appointment.) Right behind the announcements was a flyer called "PROCEDURE FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF PASTORS - Parts taken from Archdiocese of Boston - Pastoral Guidelines and Policies, Book II."

Essentially, it says, priests who want to be considered should contact Fr. Bob Deehan, Clergy Personnel Director with "reasons for his request/recommendation and provide background information on experience which he feels would be important for consideration by Clergy Personnel Board"

I'll have to dig up the names of that Board again. In any event - it goes on to say the "Board" reviews the parish profile, compares the names of people who submit interest to "this type of parish" and they all sit in front of a "dry erase board" and the Clergy Personnel Board "also surface names of priests they feel would also be suitable candidates for the pastorate under consideration" and comes up with three names "in order of preference".

It's all decided by the wizards, it says, with a "healthy blending of commitment to mission by the priest, an appreciation of the needs, gifts and interests of the priest and especially a concern for the pastoral needs of the people to be served"

The "Clergy Board" gives it to the "Regional Bishop" to obtain his recommendations. Then, they run it by the "Delegate for Investigations" to determine "if any of the priests on the slatte have personal/behavior issues". They then run all the names past the Chancellor to "obtain information about the priest's handling of financial/administrative matters".

The list is then given to Grand Pubah Sean and the "Clergy Personnel Director" who provides appropriate information about each priest on the slate". The Regional Bishop, the Vicar General and the "Secretary for Pastoral and Ministerial Services also provide insights at this meeting".

"At this point", it says, Cardinal Sean "either approves the list as it is, changes the order of preference, adds or deletes names or he may request another list" and "in some exceptional circumstances, Cardinal Sean may decide to make a direct appointment without engaging in this process completely".

The entire procedure is a farce. Unless, of course, by some miracle all these genuises come up with the name Sean was going to pick to begin with.

As an example of the fruit of this exercise, Fr. Naughton, who thinks the Latin Rite Community are wingnuts waiting for the spaceships, who doesn't know the Latin Mass and among other wacko left wing buffoonery, a few years ago published his intention to take the Blessed Sacrament out of the Worship space to put into a locked closet in the Sacristry, was appointed to our Latin Rite Community.

(please keep them in your prayers, the Chancery is sending the diocescan sled dog to the parish with an important announcement from the Cardinal...expectations are the wrecking ball is tragically swinging like the sword of Damocles.)

In other news, I had a glimmer of excitement when I saw Office for Clergy Support and Ongoing Formation announcing a program for "The Spiritual Excercises of Saint Ignatious in Every Day Life" - until I turned the paper over and it said "for further information, please contact Mrs. Mary Ann McLaughlin or Fr. John Sassani, Co-Directors of the 19th Annotation Retreat"

Also..."Fr. Bob VerEecke, pastor at St. Ignatius at Chestnuts Hills would like to invite priests of the Archdiocese to a performance of "A Dancer's Christmas", followed by a reception at "the Jesuit Community". It says it's "fast becoming a local tradition and for good reason".

Let us all hope thongs are not involved in those reasons.

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