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Sunday, October 01, 2006 :::

What a fabulous day yesterday! Love this time of the year.

Lots to blog - incluing the new addition to the diocescan dog and pony show, they've added a new website to promote their apostate articles in the Pilate.

I went to the website a few days ago, and their top story was a CNS story dissing the Pope, saying he was talking naughty about the Muslims who use their religion to kill us. The Pope is screwing up their dialogue. They've moved the article now, but, tt was right above the Conan O'Brien show in Lawrence and the whack job wear the pants hag article here and here. I got that sick feeling in my stomach and couldn't even bring myself to blog about it.

If you click the link that says "This Week's Pilate" right the top article describes how they've finally moved all the bodies they found because some Chancery Einstein a hundred years ago bulldozed the cemetery to put a parking lot...

“Ar dheis Dia go raibh an-anam.” (“To the right hand of God their souls will sit.”)

This proclamation, commonly written on Irish gravestones, will be inscribed on the marker indicating the final resting place of the more than 1,200 bodies in a recently rediscovered cemetery on the grounds of the former St. Joseph Church in Roxbury.

Is it me, or does their foul use of the language of our ancestors to cover up their profanities offend you too.

How I wish it was the Wamananogs they bulldozed.

The gravesite at St. Joseph Church was discovered when the property of the now-demolished church was set to be sold to the City on a Hill Charter Public School.

“I always knew there was a cemetery at St. Joseph’s at one time,” explained Father Walter Waldron, former pastor of St. Joseph Church and current pastor of St. Patrick Church, also in Roxbury.

“I always knew there was a cemetery at St. Joseph’s at one time,” explained Father Walter Waldron, former pastor of St. Joseph Church and current pastor of St. Patrick Church, also in Roxbury.

In the neighborhood, stories were told of a parish cemetery that had been moved to another location, said Father Waldron.

“Occasionally a family would call,” asking if any ancestors were buried in the parish’s cemetery, he recalled, but he “could not find any records of any people buried on our property.”

“There was no evidence aboveground at St. Joseph’s that there was a cemetery there,” he said.

What they're asking us to believe is that our Irish ancestors who had people buried there putt up gravestones, maintained with flowers, visited often with prayer - didn't notice the bulldozers, neither did the priest living in the rectory at the time. They didn't bang on the rectory doors as the cemetary of their relatives was being destroyed. They didn't hound the Bishop, the Cardinal, the Chancery. They didn't show up and ask where their relatives were buried and when people at the rectory and chancery said they don't know nothing about any bodies - Our Irish people just said thank you very kindly, we beg your pardon.

Well we know the terror of probably a decade or two of a fight to get their relatives - responded to with no answer, avoidance, slander , etc. I'll bet if we surfed the Pilate we'd find stories about Irish extremists who were bitter and disgrunted and hallucinating.

Christ's use of symbolism and irony couldn't be any more entertaining.

Below that article is Enrique's promotion of the Sean Show

From advice on how to live a life of prayer to descriptions of casual encounters with American tourists, Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley’s latest effort to communicate with his flock is making a splash both here in Boston and in cyberspace.

The deception is astounding as astounding as it is revolting.

I wanted to point out Msgr. Deeley's "guest post" but I can't seem to find it this morning on Sean's blog...I'll look for it later and link it. It was pure, unadulterated Rodney King why can't we just all get along drivel.

I don't know. Could it be that our children are being shuffled into sexual promiscuity and into the hands of pedophiles and safe condom programs under his new and improved diocese?

One only wishes one had a tomato.

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