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Monday, October 09, 2006 :::

What a beautiful fall weekend!

Hope you are all enjoying it.

It's time, once again, for the Presbyeterial Council Meeting Notes.

The YA YA Boys are really entertaining this week. Everybody is happy up at the Chancery with their productivity and efficacy, Fr. Pat McLaughlin reports,and Sean is on his way to "take possession of his church and stump for some auxiliary bishops".

Just what the doctor ordered, more stumped Bishops in Boston.

Anyhoo - this will probably be one of the last times we get an idea of what is actually said and happening in the Presbyeteral Council Meetings as the Chancery appears to be taking over the spin:

"In the future a secretary from Chancery will take the official notes of our meetings. After some discussion about the length of the minutes, the identification of all the speakers and the fact that a member of the council could not very participate in the meeting and take notes, the group unanimously supported the proposal"


I mean, who'd wan't to miss out on such lively and fruitful discussions as the following update on mergers:

"Be clear historically that the parish was founded on such/suh a date and renamed on such/such a date. Use it as a catechetical movement to teach the people that the Church is vibrant and does not deny its past but accepts the inevitable. It is a living community undergoing visible change"


"Newton's Mary Immaculate of Lourdes and St. Phillip Neri will merge. Paul Carroll, the pastor, submitted clear concise reasons for his recommendation that Mary Immaculate should be the parish site. The numbers: comparative church attendance, and especially the financial differences seemed reasonable. St. Phillip has been operarating at a deficit since 1999. Mary Immaculate has savings over seven million. That is more than enough to refurbish property and accomodate both communities as well as the Korean. The PC recommended also that there be no second reading of the proposal so as to speed up the process at Paul's request."


The Chancery took a shot at getting an inventory of what people give priests as gifts in order to redistribute the goods.

Art Coyle, fresh off the spin of "a catechetical moment to teach the people that the Church is vibrant and does not deny it's past but accepts the inevitable. It is a living community undergoing visible change" led the motion:

Arthur Coyle lead a discussion re: Christmas and Easter bonuses citing auditors' concerns. They are not part of our income and have to be reported to IRS. Art was also concerned about an issue of equity because they are very uneven. The topic tailspinnned into a "reductio ad absurdum"

The YA YA Boys didn't like that idea very much:

"Do I have to declare a sizable monetary gift my brother gave me?"
"Some priests have inherited family homes It pays mortgages for priests whose salaries are insufficient. Thank God some of the accused priests had such homes they were the ones who had some place to go"
"I felt the item was an intrusion...I said to myself They must be really looking around for something to talk about".
"I cannot believe it is on the agenda"
Another: Gifts are gifts, period. They are not taxable".
"What about gift certificates"?

"The item died." reported the secretary.

They can sure smell BS when it comes to their wallets and property. I guess the catechetical moments are reserved for the theiving of the Sanctuaries and property belonging to laity.

The new Chancellor Jim McDonough gave "a brief presentation emphasized a Chancery mentality of cooperation rather than compliance".

I am not making this up - says it right in black and white. This is the sort of stuff that the Chancery wants to weed out of the YA YA Boys Meeting Notes - along with the quotations that follow, of course.

Parish Manual will stress trust/respect. If a parish system is not broken, don't fix it.


B) Facilities: $10,000 limit for pastor's iniatie seems unrealistic. We are here to help. C) Real estate: to buy, sell, lease out or lease from needs approval of local (regionl?) leadership. Chancery role is to be available to help.

Tom Kopp expressed the felling of the group, "You're a breath of fresh air" I (Fr. Pat McLaughlin from St. Joseph in Medford) seconded it by saying those were the exact words of the priest in our vicariate meeting the last week. I added that "We hope you will stick around for awhile!"

To wit McDonough said - "Oh, I intend to! There is only one person who would tell me to go!" Both he an Sean chuckled.

Now, surely, any fool can see that the priest taking notes was missing out on some remarkable apostolic hybrid.

The last item before the go around was drivel of their attempt to rejuvinate with the drivel of RENEW. Here are a few quotes:

- Tailor the material to our needs
- Aimed at outreach to our disaffected laity
- Sean approached benefactors to help needy parishes
- Wants to market it with ads, radio, TV billboards

Now we won't even be able to drive down the street without being reminded of the theft or our religion on the way to work and the grocery store.

Put Clare Bertero on commercials and billboards to rake in disaffected laity. YA YA!

Finally , the "Go Around" which is essentially the part of the meeting where priests jut freestyle what's on their mind.

Gerry Petringa: Communications still a problem. OL Mercy Belmond had a For SAle sign up before area parishioners could be prepared.

Eventually, do you think they'll get a hold of personal property priests own and someday they'll pull up to their homes and see a for sale sign?

No more YA YA Boys then.

Tom Griffith: Earthen Vessels will be presented next Fe. and June (Peter Gor lauded it.)

Must be a pip.

Peter Quinn is always good for some whacky ideas. He wants to renew the archdiocese by starting up a victims tour. You know, put people at the podium and to exploit human beings who are actual victims and fill in the holes with people with good false accusations healing program. After that piece of genuis he says..

Vicariates should plan now for an emergency amid priest shortage. Who can the vicar identify as ready to "fill in" when a priest cannot say "his" Sunday mass (sic)

Mike Steele: NCEA warns: do not hire principals from public high schools.

That's a fascinating one.

I (Pat McLaughlin) brought up pastors' concerns re: Vision 2010 on two counts. The devil is in the details.(Now we're getting somewhere!) how do you factor what the schooles owes to the parish for its use, who will decide on school use for religious education, when the fire alarm goes off the fire department is not going to run across town to look for the one in charge, they are going to go to the nearby rectory...Creates a lot of anxiety.

When the school is burning down, they don't want firemen ringing their doorbell. They have nothing to do with Catholic schools now. The people running them are simply paying rent.


- last spring announced need for three committees: he has met with them; Pastoral (under the leadership of Geo Evans, Faith Formation of youth (Matt Williams and Marriage (Tom Griffith).

Aside from Geo Evans - has anyone ever seen or heard of Matt Williams or Tom Griffith in the Prolife community?

I hope it is not the Tom Griffith who meditates with Buddah and labryth down here with the wingnuts.

About 5,000 people a year lounge in comfortable wing-back chairs in the dark wood-paneled main house, take in views of the bay from one of its 30 double-capacity guest rooms, meditate before a Buddha in a garden bursting with flowers, and walk the winding path of the outdoor labyrinth that helps them make sense of the twists and turns in their lives. With the start of fall, the retreat's rental season picks up among the many disparate seekers who find their way to the facility.

``It's a time to take a deep breath and get reenergized. It's not an escape," the Rev. Tom Griffith said recently as he sat in the center's dining hall with two other staff priests, the Rev. Joe Connolly and the Rev. Bob Mallonee. ``A lot of wounded people come here," Griffith said. ``We just became a place where they felt comfortable coming and processing their pain. There are more people aware of their inner pain and more willing to come to a place such as Miramar."

ancy Campbell , a Duxbury psychotherapist, works near the center but had never felt she had time to go there on a retreat. This year, she found a program that fit her perfectly: ``Mini Retreat Days for Busy Women."

Initially, she struggled with whether she could clear her Monday schedule to fit in a 4 1/2-hour day of muffins, personal sharing, and reflection. In the end, she decided it was important enough. She has now gone to three sessions and plans to attend one this month with the theme, ``Autumn: A Time to Let Go and Let God."

She said the ``magic" would come when she is on her own in a chair on the grounds, in the chapel, or in one of the retreat rooms, and she is usually inspired to write something.

``I sort of feel like I come to God with a question, and I take my pen and get some automatic answer," she said. ``I love the things that come through."

When the answers come out on ink on the paper, is she anywhere near the Buddah is what I want to know.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think Matt Williams is a priest ordained within the last several years - orthodox, prolife.

- Met with Sr. Catherine Fitzsimmons. Draft has a very detailed job description for priests. She is very anxious to get everybody's input. We need to move forward. Many schools are at risk. Pastors would be included as trustees appointed by the Board. The consultants were very competent. What has happened in the rest of the USA v. successful.

I have other important things to post but I honestly need some time to get this sick feeling out of my stomach and enjoy my day.

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