Magisterial Fidelity
A Roman Catholic Mom from Boston

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Carol M. McKinley

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 :::

The VerEche wingnuts who divert attention away from God and onto themselves at the most intimate moments between God and mortals are erupting in Boston.

With their heads bent down and faces frowning in concentration, the women erupt in murmurs that crescendo to a fevered pitch as each shouts her prayers.

Absolutely, positively insane.

Soon White's voice rises above the others ' as she says a general prayer that includes the words, ``We thank you for the chance, oh God, to move our limbs to give you the glory."

And here we were trying to concentrate on what is happening to Christ.

This one understands what she's doing to us and to Christ and uses it to spin the excuses:

Jackson, who's in his early 40s, believes more churchgoers are beginning to understand that liturgical dance can be positive if approached correctly. ``When the dance is done in a real spirit of praise," says Jackson, ``where it's not about performance, where it's not about trying to gain some power in the church or when it's not about trying to look good, when it's really about thanking God for what he has done in your life, the [conservative churchgoers] get it."

Sure beats letting the rest of us offer our lives in sacrificial prayer along with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene.


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