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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, October 28, 2006 :::

The U.S. bishops will vote next month on a proposal to release one-third of the money earmarked (one million) to study the causes of clergy sexual abuse of minors in this country.

That is one million dollars of your money the Bishops are giving away. Does the John Jay College of Criminal Justice really need 2 million more to figure out that sexual abuse inside of the Catholic Church is caused by the Bishops who employ priests and lay people working the culture to promote the cause of active safe sexuality of children?

The first part of the study will look at the historical context and influences on the problem, so as to see "whether the incidence of abuse of children by priests is or is not consistent with overall social patterns of deviant behavior during the last half-century," says the proposal.

Perhaps we ought to offer them the details of Gerry Studds, the pedophile that the people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts kept electing to Congress, supporting his pedophilia.

Are these people really that dumb?

People set up camp inside the Church to tell kids what touches feel good where and how it's all okay with the Catholic Church with a nudge and a wink. Some of the employees of the Church gave the kids personal demonstrations. Others, passed the kids into the BAGLY safe sex network where they were sexually exploited in their "try it you'll like it" program.

The sexual exploitation of kids by priests couldn't be any more consistent with the exploitation by teachers, the exploitation by Queer Today who work 13 year old into their "youth" program where 24 year olds are "teaching" a la Paul Shanley talk about touching.

Check this out:

The proposal states that the third segment aims "to understand on an individual level, how priests with allegations of sexual abuse differ from other priests -- those with and without other problems -- as well as sex offenders who are not priests."

The proposal notes: "It is important to recognize that the Church is funding a study of groundbreaking significance in the field of research into sexual abuse of children." The bishops will meet Nov. 13-16 in Baltimore.

How profoundly duplicitous.

One wonders "who" is left on the planet taking the Bishop's Conference seriously - much less giving them money.

Anyhoo - look forward every six months of pulling out Fr. Wilson's description of the Bishop's Conference and posting it as the gentle reminder it is...

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