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Friday, October 27, 2006 :::

Somebody got Ed Saunders out of bed to comment on the new archdiocesan crackdown on applying guidelines

"We had heard some priests were being approached to do things -- there were various voter guides floating around, and we wanted to make sure they knew the guidelines and that there were no problems," Saunders said. "It's the first statewide election in four years, and we felt it was a good idea to get the word out."

Yeah, yeah, there are lots of ideas running around out there about voting and they wanted to make sure everyone knows what the guidelines are.

They followed their usual and customary policy: No sense in determining what's in line with the Catechism let's keep everyone in the dark and focus on liturgical dance.

The increased concern among religious denominations has been triggered by a highly publicized IRS investigation into All Saints Church, an Episcopal parish in Pasadena, Calif., where a preacher in 2004 mused aloud, in a sermon, about a hypothetical debate between Jesus and the two major-party candidates for president, President George W. Bush and US Senator John F. Kerry. The church is now refusing to comply with a summons for a copy of all written and oral communications identifying candidates for public office in 2004; the IRS, which issued the summons, is investigating whether the sermon, in which the preacher imagined Jesus criticizing the war in Iraq, constituted illegal advocacy for the Kerry campaign.

It can only pan out to our advantage here as all the Cartoon Clintoon katholic Democratic voting guides will remain unpacked.

"I am concerned that people's fears will cause them to be less forceful with their words," Keithan said. "Certainly, we don't want people to not speak out about their values."

As Clint Eastwood says to bigots pretending they're not bigots, "that's might white of ya". We wouldn't want to see it get ugly around these parts.

Meanwhile, we've got the new spin for clamping the Jesuits and the Sisters of St. Joseph:

"People are being erroneously confronted by lay leaders who tell them, 'Oh, the IRS doesn't allow you to speak on issues,' and rather than trying to explain why they're wrong, sometimes it's just easier to back off. I don't think that's good for the strength of our democracy, or for religious freedom."

Come on kiddos, grab your tape recorders and the minute dissenting priests open their mouths about their slant on the Catechism, hit the record button and express mail a copy to the IRS and the Commonwealth and demand to have the tax status revoked!

Let's keep this link handy, shall we?:

Keep the IRS link handy too:

IRS Rat them out Program

Free at last, Free at last, thank God Almighty Free at Last

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