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Sunday, October 15, 2006 :::

Rod Dreher admits the defection

I did not intend to make this public until the end of this month, to honor a personal and professional obligation that, the violation of which stood to hurt some innocent people. This is why I've taken care since the day I entered Orthodoxy not to claim I am Catholic in writings here, and not to rise to the bait of certain people in the comboxes who have demanded that I declare myself. Though I've wanted to get this out there, and not to deceive readers, I had an obligation to keep this to myself until month's end, for an important reason I can't really discuss. But now I am forced to reveal all early. Why? Because a certain malicious reader, a perfect stranger and petty little Catholic Prufrock named Jonathan Carpenter, who is unhealthily preoccupied with me nearly to the point of cyberstalking, troubled himself to write a letter to a priest at my parish asking about my ecclesial affiliation -- and when he received his answer, undertook to publicize it.

Rod's duplicity is rather humerous considering his malicious posture that all priests are perverts and therefore he must flee Christ's One Holy and Apostolic Church. I also find distasteful that his conduct of maliciously cyberstalking a personal friend of mine is excluded from his conscience.

All that aside, Jonathan Carpenter is not malicious whatsoever. Carpenter opposed the maliciousness of Dreher's attacks on the Catholic Church in his 'cyberministry' and took up a defensive posture. Bottom line, Carpenter correctly had his finger on the pulse of Dreher's defection from the Catholic Church. A truly tragic development for Rod and his family and one which I know we'll all pray brings him back to unification with the Mystical Body of Christ.

By the tone of Rod's article, he doesn't appear to like outings very much - - which I find fascinating given his rabid devotion to outing everyone else.

Rod was taken under the wing of Tom Doyle who spoke here in Boston about the Catholic Church and his ministry to uproot Her. He did so and does so by painting Christ's Church as a pedophilic pimp pretending they had magic - "magical thinking" and "the magical notion of Sacraments". Then, he says, he turned to Jason Berry.

Compelling evidence that the Seamless Garment of Hehir's marching heretics will eventually lead a tortured soul into peril.

Here, Dreher gets to the crux of the problem we all now face:

I began writing about it critically, both in the magazine and on NRO, the website. Word got back to me that Bill Bennett credited NR's cover story on the stakes in this scandal for giving tacit permission for conservative, orthodox Catholics to discuss the matter, and to say in public about the bishops' handling of the matter what they had mostly only been saying in private, but feared to voice because they didn't want to be seen as disloyal.

He's right about this part. To the point of covering up the sexual exploitation and seduction of children...I find the photo of the YA YA Boys acting in unity with the Chancery a photographic capture of unifying with O'Malley's set up of moral and sexual infidels to teach safe comprehensive sexuality, encouraging it and condoms - because its sour grapes and disloyalty if you do not.

Rod asks a legitimate question....what if it were me. What if my child were seduced by a priest..and I discovered the corruption of the YAYA network of priests, laity and Chancery Buffoons is as potent as it ever fact more potent. What if I discovered that writing to the Vatican was the same old exercise in futility it has always been. What if every parish I brought my family to, I experienced teaching the same trajectory of infidelity in one form or another. What if I looked at the Episcopal Conference and got sick to my stomach at the Roger Mahoney/Bryan Hehir culture.

Allow me to take a stab at the answers any sane and logical individual would come to...

If all these things happened to us (and many of them have happened in one form or another during these days of presbyteral spiritual & temporal insanity), then the last thing I would desire to happen to me - would be to get into the talons of the vultures who are unable to separate the sinner from the Catholic Church....the Sacramental Life of Jesus Christ - for which He suffered a tortorous Death to purchase the opportunity for me to say yes to salvation - from the sinful nature, the idiots, the corruption of the individuals within who chose to reject the Mystical Body of Christ and teach their infidelity, their confusion to destroy my relationship with Christ's Church and His Sacraments.

You know what?

That was Jonathan Carpenter's point.

If you've left the Catholic Church - have the decency to get out. Don't stay in It and lead people out of It because misery loves company.

Many a day I have loathed what priests and Bishops are doing to the religion Christ began. With God's Grace, I hope I keep choosing to survive. I don't know what saved me from the talons of infidels except to say that when the questions arose as to my faith, I honestly went on a pursuit without preconcieved ideas about what answers I wanted to find. Everything I read, I read with an open mind and spent a lot of time in front of the Eucharist. Solomon's pearls, genuine desire to know the Truth when I see it and hear it...nothing more and nothing less.

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