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Carol M. McKinley

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 :::

Pregant teens cost taxpayers 109 million in social services

Why not project on how much their children contribute back to society if we embrace and truly perform social justice with zeal and love?

How much will they thrive with support, guidance, love?

Can't have it both ways. If the Department of Education encourages sexuality, this is the result and we all need to own up to it.

“That’s money that could be saved if we were doing a better job in Massachusetts of really funding teen pregnancy efforts,” she said.

Here's a better idea: Why not fire the fanny of every teacher who can't pass the MCAS and put in effective teachers to teach Math, Science and English instead of hauling in the whack jobs to encourage teenage sexuality.

Then they'd all get a great education like Duxbury and Lincoln and doors would open up to Ivy League schools.

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