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Thursday, October 05, 2006 :::

Plymouth South football pothead whose group of friends pulled into a gas station, robbed it and she drove the get away - keeps her job.

The decision has angered several parents of the 10- to 16-year-old cheerleaders, who say coaches should be positive role models.

Elisa S. Callahan, 17, of 65 Quail Run is free on $500 bail after pleading innocent in September to charges of unarmed robbery and assault and battery. Police say she drove the getaway car in a gas station robbery Sept. 16.

Plymouth District Court Judge Gregory Baler in August continued a marijuana charge against Callahan after she admitted to the offense. That case could be brought forward for a guilty finding because of the subsequent arrest.

A charge of shoplifting clothing from Marshalls in May was dismissed upon payment of $50 in court costs.

Who's your daddy?

Callahan’s stepfather, Rodney Finlay, is president of the youth football organization. Her mother, Suzanne, is on the board.

This world is filled with lunatics who are putting themselves into positions to "help" your kids!

UPDATE: The assistant coach is no longer with the team.

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