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Thursday, October 19, 2006 :::

Oh goodie. The Mormons are going to be the face of the religious right in 2008

Governor Mitt Romney's political team has quietly consulted with leaders of the Mormon Church to map out plans for a nationwide network of Mormon supporters to help Romney capture the presidency in 2008, according to interviews and written materials reflecting plans for the initiative.

Seriously, I was thinking last night - I wonder how much they are paying Maggie Gallagher to sell out. I've been racking my brains trying to figure it out...and it has to be money and all that goes with being involved in with a pack of good old boys in a political movement.

It's not that these people who have claimed to be an activist for the sake of the truth don't know that Romney up until two months ago was a proabort who supported women's right to choose. It's not that they don't know Romney's record supported homosexual and lesbian sexual ideology up until two years ago when he decided to take a stab for the White House and knew he had to change the spin.

At the end of the day when truth meet the almighty dollar and power, they all suddenly get amnesia.

When you start showing them the paper trail that Romney took it upon himself to illicitly issue marriage licenses to the homosexual community in communion with the Massachusetts Supreme Court, the Massachusetts Legislature - - to dissolve democracy,
Constitutional process and law (not to mention the freedom for Catholics to practice their religion), they suddenly become hostile to truth.

When the Republicans try to sell the nonsense that cleaning up a proabort and antiCatholic politician to politically crafted the facade so the religious right will get on board with Romney - and they ask you to get on board - they never see the day when they bring themselves to say "Under no circumstances will I support this endeavor as a Roman Catholic, it's a ruse. I would rather see the Democrats take over because the country will know what is happening to them when it happens and the poor will be fed and moderate income families will dig their way out of the unprecedented foreclosures due to the economic nightmare. I'm out and I certainly hope you will not get on board this thing."

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