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Sunday, October 01, 2006 :::

The last of the LaSalettes

"If we could get that message out there, young people would gobble it up," says Ross, after morning prayer has ended. "It's so relevant, it's not something that is passé."

But the message no longer grabs young people the way it once did.

We have a LaSalette Shrine close to our Rhode Island border with some of the last of the LaSalettes. It's a nightmare for any authentic Catholic.

My son was barely a teenager when he got a glimpse of the grab hanging over the Altar.


I didn't have my contacts in and told him I didn't know. We walked closer to see it - and as I was standing there looking at it in horror...

I think it's Peter Pan.

..and he's naked, I said.

Mitiguy says the La Salettes make it easy for believers to have a sense of belonging and commitment. "The guys here are very human," he says. Though he has a deep respect for the order, he says he can joke with the brothers and priests and even feel at ease teasing them. It's the openness and accessibility, says Mitiguy, that allow him to maintain the "sense of ownership" he doesn't feel with the church he attends in California.

...enough said.


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