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Thursday, October 05, 2006 :::

Kiddos - more good news....

The Chancery is finally going get to see the heart of a pastoral loving priest.

Of course, what would anything holy be without the sour grapes of Boston College:

``His intellectual ability was considered substandard," said the Rev. Harvey Egan, a theology professor at Boston College. ``He had a lot of trouble learning Latin."

Even the Globe didn't stoop to that level:

But learn it he did, and as a parish priest he became renowned throughout much of the Christian world. He founded an orphanage for destitute girls that became a model throughout France.

He ate sparingly, gave away almost everything he had, and was so devoted to hearing confessions, counseling penitents, and granting absolution, according to church records, that he often spent more than 16 hours a day in the confessional booth.

No blog where he posted every angle of his face?

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