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Saturday, October 28, 2006 :::

Interesting developments in New Jersey

Seems to support the assertion that Massachusetts has no law for gay marriage.

The Court, following Massachusetts, gives the Constitution the spin that the Transendence of God, natural law, biology, physical composition of humanity based on DNA - genetics was never a part of the Founding Father's Constitutional framework, and, it was always meant to imply that any group could step forward to constitutionally protect what turns them on in bed, as an evolution of species.

Isn't then pedophilia actually constitutionally protected?

Shouldn't social prohibitions be lifted so pedophiles can be entitled to health insurance like the rest of us?

Shouln't then, people who enjoy incest in the privacy of their bedrooms no longer tolerate laws which prohibit them from getting marriage licences?

What right do the rest of us have in judging what kind of sexual practices their species of people has evolved into?

Pedophiles are born, so they must be born pedophiles.

Further, there is nothing in the Constitution that says any of us should be limited to one marriage license at a time.

Shouldn't every state now be curing the Constitutional defect for husbands of polygamists whose wives end up in a tragic accident, lying in a coma in the hospital while her husband, wives and all their children are barred from the hospital room?

What right do homosexuals and heterosexuals have in barring these people from the same rights we have?

The New Jersey Court, following Massachusetts, gave the Legislature 180 days to enact a law.

Massachusetts never enacted the law. DiMasi and the gang closed the Constitutional Convention and scampered on down the road to buy themselves a nice BMW and such with quid pro quo gift horses handed to them by lobbyists pushing their agendas.

There is no law in Massachusetts.

It is profoundly amazing how craven Catholic lawyers are in Massachusetts. How stupified. How catatonic. How dense, thick, impervious.

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