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Sunday, October 01, 2006 :::

Here's an update on the two priests of integrity down in Florida. Mug shot of the accomplice.

I'd like to know how much of the millions was spent on booze, wouldn't you?

Apparently the Bishop flew over to tell the parishioners he didn't know nothing about the millions of dollars missing, he has nothing to apologize for, and priests all over town are making mistakes and pulling off misdeeds - - and it's the Bishops job to show up and apologize.

I kid you not.

In a surprise appearance at Saturday afternoon Mass, Bishop Gerald Barbarito apologized to the congregation of St. Patrick Catholic Church for the alleged behavior of their former priest, who is accused of stealing millions.

The bishop, noting that he himself was a mere teenager 40 years ago when police say money started disappearing from collection plates, emphasized he wasn't apologizing for anything he had done personally. Rather, he said, he was apologizing for any pain Rev. Francis Benedict Guinan and another priest may have caused church members.

"I am the bishop of the diocese, and when there's any misdeeds on the part of priests, and the alleged ones we're looking at, then it's up to me as bishop to apologize," he said.

"We are human and we are going to make mistakes," he continued. "Some mistakes are understandable and some are very hard to understand. These we're looking at today are very hard to understand."

Here goes Christ with that sense of humor again:

ronically, a second offering collected Saturday was part of a special "Debt Reduction" collection that was planned well before the events of the past week.

I'm curious to know how much was in the basket, aren't you?

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