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Friday, October 20, 2006 :::

Governor Mitt Romney vigorously defended a plan yesterday by his political advisers to develop a network of Mormon supporters for his potential presidential bid

The Globe story described discussions that have taken place during the last two months among Romney's political operatives and church leaders about building a grass-roots political organization through the roughly 40 US alumni chapters of BYU's business school, the Marriott School of Management. Representatives of BYU and Romney's political action committee, the Commonwealth PAC, have also been soliciting help from other prominent Mormons to build the program.

The Mormons are gearing up:

The president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gordon B. Hinckley, has been informed of the effort and expressed no opposition, the Globe reported. Jeffrey R. Holland, one of 12 apostles who help lead the church worldwide, has handled the initiative for the church and hosted a Sept. 19 meeting in his office in church headquarters with one of Romney's sons, a paid political consultant for the PAC, and one of the governor's major donors. On Oct. 9, two deans of the Marriott School sent an e-mail from a BYU e-mail address asking 150 people to join them in supporting Romney's potential candidacy.

How can I put this a Roman Catholic participating in grass roots defense of the family, the life of innocent babies and a code of ethics and morals and found Romney on the wrong side of the fence at every juncture up until the moment the RNC tweaked his public statements to fool the religious right....swarming Mormons is a beautiful sight.

There, hows that?

The IRS is on it like stink. No talking to people who go to Church, no going to Church, but says people who go to church can probably participate in an election:

`The massive effort described in your article is, if not over the line, I think much too close to the line," he said. ``I think individual Mormons can and probably will support the governor, but they should support the governor as individuals, not in their capacities as having responsibilities for a church or for a university."


Meanwhile, I got an email from one of our great prolife priests in the diocese:


My take on mitt is just about the opposite of yours. First, I thought it so funny that the globe would headline that story this morn as if it were unusual or ominous that someone would consult with his own network to gear up for a campaign. That's what the dems do when they curry favor with the gays, minorities, teachers, unions et al. I personally find the LDS theology nuts, but the large heterosexual family clean living is a better milieu for the nation than the democrat cesspool, they're like how Catholics used to be and should still be perceived. I don't think mitt is faking the anti gay and abort stances now. I think he was faking the pro-choice progay all the time, yes, in order to get elected, he hid behind the fig leaf that since those things were legal he as the chief executive of the state had to enforce laws. The difference is the a catholic can take office under the same condition, enforcing the current laws, as long as he/she is privately working to change the laws in accord with natural law, to diminish if not eliminate abortion, e.g., not like Kennedy, Kerry et al who enthusiastically endorse and try to widen the abortion license.

Ahhh. I get it. He's been fighting against prolife families, morals and ethics as a shtick to get elected and he built the culture of the Commonwealth under the radar. If we only just look around us - we can see how he differs from Kennedy and Kerry in the immoral Planned Parenthood educational system, the Catholic hospitals that are now being forced to give massive doses of estrogen to kill unborn children and give the women breast cancer, etc.

Come on Father - love ya - but sometimes you can be extemely naive. Look around you and see what this man has done privately for us under the radar. There isn't a grain of difference between the Clintons and Romney - and if it comes down to the two of them in a political election for the President - - we all best be sitting it out as the religious right.

What Romney has done "privately" is the religious right of Massachusett's exact point of contention.

At least with Clintons in the White House, the country will be cognizant of the festering moral decay of the administration.

I'm not up for a dog and pony show at the White House.

Snap out of it.


What the religious right needs to do is to back off. We've got the power and the money. When Mehlman and his RNC cronies looks behind them and they don't see us there, they're going pony up with somebody we can get behind that has a track record we value and can trust. If Perkins backs off and we can Fr. Pavone to understand Romney's charade...and we can get the paper trail into everyone's hands on the religious right - then we have a fair shot of putting this thing out of it's misery. Of course, people like Maggie Gallagher are going to working against us - - but we've had turncoats since the dawn of humanity...and we know the routine.

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