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Saturday, October 28, 2006 :::


Here's a good synopsis from EWTN:

Reiki is not compatible with Christianity and we must steer clear of it and it's influences.

Here is an answer from Mr. Bunson's bin: topic: reiki and the occult Answer by Matthew Bunson on 09-04-2005: Might I suggest the following websites: You might also read the important document released a few years ago by the Vatican on the New Age Movement: Finally, I would duggest reading Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s book Catholics and the New Age.

And, here is one from your bin back in July Re: Reiki Question from on 07-05-2005: question: One of your recent questions concerned reiki. Basically, reiki is a new-age, occult practice involving the summoning of spirits for healing purposes, or necromancy. It is therefore STRICTLY forbidden by the catechism. Here are some links with more information:

Unfortunately, in my own experience, it has been 'charismatic' Catholics who have fallen for the traps the devil has laid in the guise of spirituality: centering prayer, reiki, etc. BEWARE.

Imperet illi deus supplices deprecamur.

Fr. Michael Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-27-2005: Dear Fr. Michael, Thanks very much for your information. This question comes up a lot.


God Bless.

Tip of hat to Kathy...

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