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Sunday, October 15, 2006 :::

Glorious day to one and all!

I picked up an extra little paying project from now until the end of December which I'm sure will interfere with blogging - as you can all see. I did post about the new Bishops but I must not have hit publish before I went off to my day job and the children...well, you know children, they just closed out of it and that was the end of that.

So regarding the new appointments at the Big Tent, the Seamless Garment is now officially out of the mothballs.

Fr. Hennessey is a solid priest, not your run of the mill YA YA man. It will be interesting to see if his pectoral cross turns out to be an ornament that has made him worthless to martyrdom It represents or if he embraces Truth to the point of death.

Time will tell.

Fr. Dooher, is a kind and pastoral man, a swell anything goes fella so long as you are respectful and talk about love when you do it and you don't litter. He has a very successful youth ministry program at St. Mary's, started by Fr. Chris Hickey through Life Teen - the fatal flaw of which is empowering teens with the ideological litmus stick of making bad/disobedient choices when you have a good excuse for it. Father does it when he wants to vis a vis the Liturgical disobedience. Teens who are tempted with the kinds of things that they will experience through the teenage gauntlet will remember how even Father uses his conscience to come to the decisions he does to disobey. When it's love, all rules can be disobeyed.

About six months ago at an outing with my two youngest at the Kennedy Library, I met a young man who was in a LifeTeen program at Holy Family Rockland through his high school years in the early 2000. I asked him how his spiritual & Sacramental life was going and he told me that he was not practicing as his life had taken him to a path away from the doctrines of the Church.

On it's face - Life Teen looks great. The teens are attracted to the music and hype. But, bottom line - teens attracted and going are from families whose mothers/fathers are teaching values at home based upon the fidelity (or infidelity) and the culture they aspire to pass on to their children.

It's a lose/lose situation when they become aware that Father is disobedient.

Teens from orthodox families learn that Father disobeys and will defy, lie and become hostile to parents who like the program but recognize that it has to be tweaked to fidelity in Liturgy in order to be consistent with giving the children their life-long ideological dicernment process that defines how to make the right choices in accordance with sinful nature vs. divinely guided nature. It warps what we are teaching at home.

Teens from families who dissent from doctrine and bring their teens to LifeTeen believing they are practing the Catholic religion are enjoy the implicitness the disobedient priest fortifies.

I wont drone on about the spiritual immaturity of the young adults who are led to believe they have more smarts in how to rear children than the parents of the teenagers. Suffice it to say, LifeTeen is another quilt patch in the Seamless Garment.

The article has quotes from the usual Catholic Bigots pretending to care about children being raped by perverts, articulating that Fr. Dooher was part of the shuffling machinery up at the Buffoonery to wit Donilon purports Fr. Dooher was simply was reaching out to accused - as well the Church should might I add.

Archdiocesan spokesman Terrence C. Donilon said that from 1993 to 2000, Dooher had assisted the archdiocese in counseling and supporting accused priests and ``some survivors," but that ``at no time was Father Dooher in a position of decision-making authority with regard to accused priests."

Fr. Dooher supported accused priests? That's a new one on me. I happen to know several falsely accused men who keep in touch with other falsely accused - - and I don't believe there was a single solitary supportive action that came out of the Chancery. That is pure unadulterated BS.

Further, the only conversations that should have been taking place - would be which priests should be in the penitentary (and being ministered to) and which ones should be supported through the civil and Canon processes and swiftly returned to their positions.

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