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Thursday, October 12, 2006 :::

For those readers who tune into the liberal who likes to paint himself as conservative Whispers in the Loggia...

He's got a post over there regarding a group of Call to Action/Voice of the Faithful priests who spun into a group called "A Committee of Concerned Clergy for the Archdiocese of New York."

I looked into the doctrinal pedigree of that particular group of priests a while back and what they are "concerned" about - is that Cardinal Eagan has been cleaning out the diocese of wear the pants proabort women, Planned Parenthood and Voice of the Faithful types in official leadership roles.

Be my guest - get the names and do the research on their fidelity to the teachings of the Church and C. Eagan's clean up of their heretic friends.Whatever complaints any of us had regarding Cardinal Eagan - he has been on the right path now for several years in being a good shepherd for the children of his diocese.

You've got to be very careful over there. Rocco is a kid certainly on his way to the right path but he's got a long way to go and is being handed the spin by his liberal moles and feeders.

Despite the fact that O'Malley has set up the educational component of our diocese under the tutelege of doctrinal dissenters and Planned Parenthood proteges - Rocco is all giddy for O'Malley.

Beantown's bloggin' Eminence should be appearing on CNN tomorrow or Tuesday for a package about the website which has opened the church to a lot of people.

And it looks like the announcement which Cardinal Sean's really been awaiting is finally close at hand....

To say that the Pilate website and Sean's blog have opened the church to a lot of people is reductio ad absurdum. Anyone selling Sean's dog and pony show is doing it because they are one of the good old boys, people who want or need something for themselves or people who are simply out of the loop in the grassroots of what is going on in Boston.

In Rocco's case - he needs information which the spinmasters are delighted to feed him.

Those of us who refuse to barter the souls of our children to be in good standing with Sean's crew of good old boys and are willing to say so in the public square are few and far between.

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