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Sunday, October 29, 2006 :::

For those of you in the prolife culture in Massachusetts - Michael Carl is going for a write in campaign for governor. Thats where my vote is going. I strongly encourage you to write Rev Carl in. You can email him if you below:

Hello Everyone,
I spoke with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office today and had them verify the legality of a write-in campaign.

For Massachusetts governor, there are no pro-life candidates.

As a result, I am asking everyone to write me in as Governor of Massachusetts. I am the only one "running" for governor in this state that is 100-percent pro-life, 100-percent pro-traditional marriage, 100-percent pro-Second Amendment, 100-percent pro-American, 100-percent pro-English as the official language and who believes in securing our borders and penalising all employers who hire, pay or contract to use illegal labour.

I believe in homeschooling, private Christian schools and the old-fashioned concept of the neighbourhood school that is under the supervision of the local school boards. The U. S. Constitution didn't allow for a federal Department of Education.

Nor did the U. S. Constitution allow for a Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, a Department of Transportation or most of the other federal agencies, especially an oppressive and power-hungry Internal Revenue Service. Come to think of it, John Adams didn't really support any of these for Massachusetts either.

It should be hard for anyone to believe that when John Adams and Robert Treat Paine wrote the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780 that years later their precious state would effectively have one-party rule and an out of control legislature that doesn't listen to the people. They most likely didn't design the state constitution to allow an oppressive Department of Revenue and an out of control education bureaucracy. We know the Massachusetts Framer's didn't intend for this state to be ruled by a black-robed elite that immorally legislates from the bench either.

So if you're disillusioned by the four headline grabbers who are running for Governor in Massachusetts, stake a bold claim and write in Michael Carl for Governor.

Rev. Michael Carl
109 Eutaw Ave.
Lynn, MA 01902

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