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Monday, October 16, 2006 :::

The big powwow between Egan and the "anonymous" heretic priests is today

Even Rocco had to admit that there might be a tad more to the story than his original post.

Having said that, who could argue with this logic:

One important point of analysis: it must've been too inside-baseball to make it into print, but in my interview with the Times I made a firm point of noting that the current situation in the Big Apple is but a symptom of a larger cause -- the widespread lack of morale among priests and decline in many places of the bishop-priest relationship, both long-term ripples in the wake of the sexual abuse crisis in the US.

Since 2002, an oft-cited finding among the brethren has been that the bishops' means of approach has evolved into one of, as a New York priest put it, "We are your fathers in Christ, but if there is a 'problem,' to quote one of the guys we succeed – we do not know the man." The consequences of this perception have been manifested in myriad ways, from an unprecedented number of clerics seeking leaves of absence, to burnout, depression, a glut of administrative recourses creating havoc in Rome, etc., all under the umbrella of what many priests feel is a lack of trust and affirmation from above.

Few Bishops can be taken on their face value and the days of the dog and pony show being enough for all of us have come, been and for a small crew of YAYA boys huddled up in the hopes the Chancery Buffoons will reinvent an effective good old boy network and they'll be in the saddle when it comes to fruit.

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