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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, September 24, 2006 :::

What is going on here?

Could it be that the Cardinal Archbishop and his "advisors" who just so happen to be sexually liberal were outsmarted by the notoriously immmoral and amoral Massachusetts Department of Education?

After a rash of embarrassing arrests involving five Bay State teachers who had stellar reputations in the classroom, at least one school district is considering changing its hiring practices to protect students.

“We have learned that CORI reports are not 100 (percent) reliable and the process is not foolproof,” Lowell Superintendent Karla Brooks-Baehr said in an e-mail.

Karla better watch herself or she may find New England Cable News doing an infomercial for the Archdiocese that focuses on her good intentions, but portrays her as part of a right wing conspiracy of mothers who are frigid and afraid of the names of their body parts.

CORIs would catch an infintessimal percentage of pedophiles who apply to work or volunteer to work for the Cardinal's Big Catholic Tent that embraces Mapplethorpe, those who crave the reinvention of those three days of pot and sex of Woodstock at his parishes and schools, and finding safe places for children to arrange sexual partners, condoms, birth control, abortion and health care for their STDs and HIV without the uptight Catholic parents knowledge.

But, then again, the diocese, their lawyers and insurance companies knows that calling in their staff and volunteers and asking them the common sense questions about their sexual ideology, morality - would verify what concerned parents have been saying for the last five years about sexually immoral discussing sexuality behind closed doors. Instead of doing it - they did what they always do - - embark on the character assassinations of people with the paper trails of truth.

When the children being exploited by O'Malley/Rizzutto/Mary Jane England/Suzin Bartley/Planned Parenthood and the group who changed their name from Whores, Housewives and Others so they could write a sex safety program that Mapplethorpe Chanceries could worm into CCD, start filing their lawsuits - - the paper trail of who knew, what they knew and when they knew it will be right on the desks of their lawyers and on many a blogeroo on the internet.

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