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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 :::

Text of John Kerry's Speech on Faith

Yes, folks - one day there he was at the Paulist Center picking a nut out of his teeth from the banana nut bread the ladies baked for the 'eucharist' and he suddenly realized, Evangelium Vitae was right. He's a regular Fr. Pavone now.


A third area where we can find common ground is on one of the most emotional cultural issues of all: abortion. Obviously the issue of abortion has been enormously divisive, but there is also no denying there is common ground. There are 1.3 million abortions each year in America.

Everyone can agree that that is too many and on a shared goal of reducing the need for abortion in the first place. And I believe our first step is to unite and accept the responsibility of making abortion rare by focusing on prevention and by supporting pregnant women and new parents

Even as a supporter of Roe V. Wade, I am compelled to acknowledge that the language both sides use on this subject can be unfortunately misleading and unconstructive. Unfortunately, this debate has been framed in an overly partisan setting with excessive language on both sides -- none of which does justice to the depth of moral conviction held by all. There's been demonization rather than debate. Distrust rather than discussion. Everyone is worse off for it. Instead of making enemies, we need to make progress.

Isn't it just like the religious right to focus their new common good caricatures of the cartoon catholics on the minor details of supporting Roe v Wade and abortion.

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