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Sunday, September 24, 2006 :::

New pics up on Sean's blog

Sean walking.
Sean walking.
Sean walking.
Sean incensing.
Sean sitting.
Sean hugging.
Sean standing.
Sean looking pensive.
Sean holdng up the Sacred Gospel.
Sean giving the homily.
Sean giving the homily.
Close ups of Sean giving the homily.
Sean making various faces during the homily.
Picture of the statue of Padre Pio (thank God!)
Picture of Sean giving the high-five.
Picture of Sean holding up the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ.
Various pictures of Sean giving out the Blessed Sacrament.
Sean leaving the Sanctuary.
Sean greeting the people after Mass.

Picture of Sean with young girl who gets it

Picture of Sean getting interviewed.
Picture of Sean eating at reception.
Picture of Sean with others.

If you scroll down some - beyond more pictures of Sean doing various things including checking his cell phone (thanks be to God they didn't follow him into the men's room)there are a few fabulous pictures of Padre Pio's grave, beautiful marble statue of St. Pio and Christ, his confessional, the room he celebrated Mass in for the two years the Vatican held him prisoner, the crucifix he was looking at when he received his stigmata - and if you look to the right of Sean in one of them you can see Padre Pio's bed.

Two things of note:

1. It looks to me as though (thank God) Sean has finally dumped the plastic crosier and got himself a decent one?

2. Would somebody please drop a line to the buffoon on his staff who doesn't know how to spell the Sacred Altar of Jesus Christ before I blow a gasket. While you're at it, tell them it needs to be capitalized. (Hopefully it isn't him?)

Thank you.

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