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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, September 24, 2006 :::

Man with penile implant that stayed erect for ten years may not get his come uppance.

Lennon received the steel and plastic implant in 1996, about two years before the impotence drug Viagra went on the market. The Dura-II is designed to allow impotent men to position the (privates) upward ******, then lower it.

But Lennon, 68, said he can't position his (privates) downward because the device is faulty, causing him pain and embarrassment.

"I'm suffering with it right now," he told The Providence Journal during a recent interview. "It never stops. It's like a constant headache."

Who, with any common sense on God's green earth would let someone implant steel in that area?

Absolutely pagan.

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