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Monday, September 04, 2006 :::

Kathy Jerabek is doing a great job updating & finding some interesting stories to post on Deal's website

She currently has a link to Fr. Robert Levi's Questions and Answers from EWTN.

When the dissent started to get bad here in Boston and we were robbed of the authentic faith, Fr. Levis was one of the places I found my way to. Reading people's questions, his answers, affirmed that priests in Boston were teaching and preaching was fraudulent. (Believe me when I tell you I went there as a skeptic, confused, but wanting the truth.) You'll be enriched by going to that link every day. It's a goldmine.

Here are a few randoms..

Holding Hands During,The Our Father?
Question from John on 8/28/2006:

Dear Father Levis, Are we supposed to hold hands as a show of unity during the Our Father? It is a practice that is spreading in the Parishes. In and of itself it seems very community building and nice. However, I thought we didn't do this, because, we are united in Christ. What is the official stance of Mother Church" God Bless You! John.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 8/28/2006:
John, No, this is not a Catholic practice, may even be forbidden by some late Vatican decree. Actually, it is a Protestant liturgical gesture showing unity. But we Catholics are already united in the Eucharist, in sharing the one Cup of Salvation, not in the holding of hands. Please don't do it. Fr. Bob Levis

Mortal Sin
Question from Don on 8/18/2006:

Father Levis. You have written that 'there is nothing worse than mortal sin.' Father, although I realize the truth of that statement, it hasn't really sunk into my brain. Would you please elaborate? Thank you. Don

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 8/19/2006:
Don, Just think of the consequences. If one dies in the state of mortal sin, he is damned to some place of indescribable torture, and forever and forever. What a place, the exact opposite of all we desire on earth, and what pain to know that we will never be given another chance to redeem ourselves. To lose God is to lose the only one who really loves us! Don, it would be good if you picked up a short summary of the Faith, to read in the first part our purpose in life and afterwards. Then to think, to pray, to mediate on these points. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis

Also, Deal has great taste in music and his current music link is Morten Lauridsen, "O Magnum Mysterium" which he describes as "the most beautiful piece of sacred music written in the last thirty years". I could use some new uplifting choir music, couldn't you. Pick it up, I'm going to..

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