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Monday, September 25, 2006 :::

James Carroll, former priest turned pagan/apostate - talks about the Pope in today's Globe.

Rome has spoken, he says - and while at one time that meant to him that the question was settled - now it means it's time to rise against Rome.

After Muslim uproar, the pope, while not really apologizing, insisted he had meant no harm.

There is no apology for saying that Muslims ought not to be using their religion to massacre people.

Now Benedict has supplied a religious underpinning for that crusade. Claiming to defend rationality and nonviolence in religion, the pope has made irrationality and violence more likely, not less.

But in fact, the religious underpinning of terrorists called jihad wasn't at all supplied by the Pope - it was supplied by the people who drove their planes into our towers in New York. The exasperating security, lack of lipstick, water and carry on bags we all now experience in airports doesn't have anything at all to do with Rome.

Bush and Benedict are in sync, and bin Laden is grinning.

bin Laden's days of grinning, torture, killing, mass massacre may be well over - but even if it is not -- he and his cronies will meet with the resistance and the courage of Christendom.

Here's my favorite paragraph - Carroll is insulted that Catholics hold Christ is superior to all other religions:

Even abstracting from the offending citation, the pope's lecture reveals a deeper and insulting problem. Benedict properly affirms the rationality of faith, and the corollary that faith should be spread by reasoned argument and not by violent coercion. But he does so as a way of positing Christian superiority to other faiths.

That's affirmative.

It gets better - he ends his vomit by calling Christ's superiority narcisstic:

In all of this, Benedict is defending a hierarchy of truth. Faith is superior to reason. Christian faith is superior to other faiths (especially Islam). Roman Catholicism is superior to other Christian faiths. And the pope is supreme among Catholics. He does not mean to insult when he defends this schema, yet seems ignorant of how inevitably insulting it is. Nor does the pope understand that, today, such narcissism of power comes attached to a fuse.

Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Aposotlic Church is the Alpha and the Omega. There is only one God that consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. There is no other god.

Viva Christo Rey.

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