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Friday, September 08, 2006 :::

I'm just a tad disgruntled about people who are discrediting our practice of blessing people and things as though there is some kind of weirdness going on.

Amy Wellborn should know better than that.

Perhaps when she was referring to "weird", she was referring to the anti-Catholic press at the Tribune, degrading, ridiculing and exploiting what Catholics and Christians do to invoke God's intercession,blessing, temporal favors, health of body and mind & preservation from evil on people upon places and things?

Surely, she doesn't find it weird to bring a priest into your new home, a room, your new office, a car, a meeting to ask for God's Grace?

Is there something weird about asking God's Blessing upon the White House when it changes hands? Are we all supposed to join the bandwagon of being critical of Rove for wanting his office and the work he does in that office blessed during his tenure?

That is absurd.

Do you think if you bought a house from a family whose sprituality was opposed your family's beliefs, you'd find the thought of calling in a priest to bless your house "weird"?

Even if we lack a spine, let's all have the decency to be honest here, shall we?

Would Hillary's name come up as the antithesis of Karl Rove?

We are human.

The people who occupied the house had spirituality that opposes ours. That doesn't mean we believe their heads were spinning from possession. Even if they didn't, most people who practice and believe their faith, will call in a priest to bless their new home.

Does Wellborn find invocations weird?

Maybe she's the kind of person who laughs at us when we say Grace before a meal at a restaurant?

Ya think she's making the cuckoo sign while the rest of us are reciting that we believe in the seen and the unseen during the Creed at Mass?

Perhaps I'm just being reactionary here and the explanation is, she simply doesn't have the discernment it takes to smell an exploitation of religion when she sees one. After all, she does read John Allen, National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal. (I believe John Allen declared her blog as a safe haven for liberals to feel comfortable posting apostacy and heresy in her comments section.)

Rove, the Bush political shaman Democrats love to demonize, enlisted a trio of clergymen to exorcise Hillary Rodham Clinton's left-wing spirit when he moved into her West Wing office in 2001, according to an unflattering new biography.

Are you really telling me she didn't know the Chicago Tribune was exaggerating the holy gathering to ridicule our religion?

I suppose, it's possible.

(The book, incidently, near as I know, doesn't mention the word exorcism, that's the hysteria of the liberal press)

What are we all supposed to do now, recoil at the precious gifts of prayers of protection and intercession?

Count me out.

Let me say for the record that Catholics and Christians believe in invisible beings that are good and evil - and I'm not the least bit ashamed to say it.

Many if not most practicing Catholics have their homes blessed.

Before Baptism, a priest will usually come again to Bless the home.

We have blessed salt, holy water, sacramentals, medals and all are used to preserve us from evil.

We renounce Satan and all his works, pomps and circumstance every Easter.

We have our Rosary's blessed, holy images we bring into our homes - we have our crucifixes blessed.

The Rite of Baptism is an exorcism of sorts, as is the Sacrament of Penance.

Many of our prayers ask for deliverance from evil - the Our Father, Prayer of Protection of St. Michael.

We are devoted to our Guardian angels who protect us from evil.

Deliver us from evil, amen.

You'll pardon me if I resent the attempt to make us ashamed for what we do.

I'm not there - and I pray to God that my stamina survives the locusts.

There was a little less hysteria in today's story in Newsday and Slater did some backtracking:

"A formal exorcism didn't happen, that's true," Slater said.

There you have it.

"But it was a real religious ceremony.'

Whenever two or more are gathered in His Name.

"Rove made more than a passing reference to Hillary Clinton. They talked about the fact, in a joking way, that this had been her office and Hillary was still in there."

I guess we could all pretend nobody noticed the dichotomy. Who on the face of the planet could be any further apart in politics? So what there were jokes. The prayers were serious and everyone there intended to ask for God's blessing.

Let's not stoop to the level of the pagans and act as though we are ashamed.

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