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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 :::

Here's an uplifting and interesting story to share....

Earlier this week one of Fr. Groeschel's brothers was detained by Immigration on Thursday in Ireland. He is a citizen of the UK but was in Ireland visiting prior to his ordination on Saturday. His visa didn't expire until June of 2007, the Franciscans were not informed they were supposed to have filled out a form telling INS that he was still here as a religious person. Brother Augustine was supposed to be ordained a deacon for the priesthood on Saturday. His family had arrived from the UK, everything was in place except for Brother Augustine.

Fr. Groeschel, naturally upset that Brother Augstine would not make his ordination, called Deal Hudson to see if there was anything the White House could to to clear the status and get Brother Augustine cleared through immigration in time to make his ordination.

Deal loves Fr. Groeschel and thinks he's just about the best priest in the world and so he immediately Karl Rove's office, told them the situation, asked for help.

By Friday afternoon, a relieved Fr. Groeschel called Deal to thank him - Brother Augustine was on the plane on his way to his ordination.

Karl has been a good friend to the Catholic Church.

Speaking of which - James Moore and Wayne Slater's book "The Architect" is creating some buzz..

The book is about the liberals shocked. They are shocked I tell you, that conservatives wage political warfare against people who oppose our ideology.

I've only read a few clips from the book, but it's the same old wild conspiracy theories peppered with the duplicity.

The book claims that Karl's Dad left his Mom for a homosexual lifestyle and his mother subsequently at some time later commtted suicide.

Apparently there are two chapters dedicated to homosexual issues - how Karl built a political malice machine against homosexuals to get back at his father. Interestingly enough, at the same time, the book also claims that Karl kept a photo at his White House desk at which he lovingly gazed telling people his dad lived life just the way he wanted to live it.

If he spoke of his father with the loving compassion of Christ, then the malice doesn't exist does it.

I never knew Karl embraced such suffering during his childhood. There are several trajectories that kind of suffering can portend. One trajectory is following the theory that you too can live your life just the way you want to live it never differentiating between sin and virtue. Another is malice, bitterness and hatred. Another, is the trajectory of conversion that acknowledges the boundaries of virtue, confesses our sinfulness, and tries to build the apostolic empire of making believers out of all men. Christ's vision of the world - lead us not into temptation.

Karl's political machine is the apostolic place where we carve out a place in this world that teaches resisting temptation, confess sins when we fall to temptation, have compassion for people who fall to temptation. Love the sinner, hate the sin. It's a place where we get up, dust ourselves off, confess our sins and work on amending our lives.

Those of us driven to look back on our lives and know the pain that sinfulness causes will read the book and learn something most of us never knew - Karl's personal victory in lifting high the cross.

From page 100 of the book:

"By the 2004 reelection, Rove, Ralph Reed, and Deal Hudson had assembled the most effective religious political machine ever in presidential politics."

The chasm has grown wide and deep on both sides of the issues in the past two years and Karl has a challenge ahead of him to get Catholics on board in 2008. Candidates who we would have settled for and supported two years ago, don't meet the current prolife Catholic litmus test. As much as I love George W and have been a supporter of his administration his support of Plan B would make it impossible for me now to vote for him as prolife Catholic. I sure hope he still has his finger on the pulse of it.

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