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Sunday, September 10, 2006 :::

Eileen McNamental wants to know what Reilly knew and when he knew it

To recap, in January Reilly asked St. Fleur to be his running mate. He rescinded the invitation 24 hours later when her family's record of tax delinquencies came to light. At the time Reilly chastised his campaign for not doing a more thorough background check on St. Fleur, but last week we learned that his campaign had commissioned and received a detailed report on her financial troubles before he announced her selection.

I don't understand the liberal feminists at the Globe. They're always crying about how we all should help poor people and here Reilly goes and tries to give somebody struggling to pay their bills a better job - and McNamental has a beef with it.

St. Fleur led several fights against Roman Catholics in her days as the creme de la creme of the pagans at the Legislature, so there's no love loss in Pembroke over the vultures pecking at her body now. But, just the same, it's fascinating to watch their canibal instincts go into overdrive for one of their own.

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