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Monday, September 04, 2006 :::

The diocescan August mailing was forwarded to me again by one of our priests and arrived this weekend, with, among other things the following message:

The women (coven) in Brighton who are in charge of religious ed are tyrannical when it comes to TAT. They call every other week to ask how it is going, and trying to make sure that the teachers are implementing it. Can you imagine? Everyone just lies!!! Whenever one of the Brighton sorceresses calls about their precious TAT, they tell her that it's going fine and that the teachers are doing as they're told, and whenever one of them hops on a broom to make her way to the parish, they're ready for her with just the right teachers, and, of course, the right documentation. What a church! Sean and his minions are making the same old mistake, he thinks he's Cushing, times have not changed, and all they have to do is hand down edicts. You wouldn't mind but come Nov. 2nd, Old Cush will be dead thirty-six years, and besides for the last five years of his life, no one was paying any attention to him. The whole thing is proof positive that they're living in Oz, and the rest of us are back in Kansas.


Sure, sure, can't you see, it's right up there on the shelf with all the other stuff you send us.

The mailing looks more streamlined but it's the same old vibrant dirty diapers.

The Office of Unspiritual Development and the Liturgical Office overseeing VerEche Dance, the illicit, invalid and lame have merged. Fr. Sassani, Sister Anne D'Arcy, Fr. Dan jiggy O'Connell, Fr. Brian Mahoney and rounding out the team is Mary Ann McLaughlin - who'll also bring you Fr. Paul Clifford, Fr. Bob Blaney, Winifred Murphy, Ann Lomutto to teach us how to ground ourselves.

"Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - Ministry in Mass and Beyond"

"Is it possible to celebrate a communion service lead by laity? How should that be done? All of these issues will be covered in the workshop."

Oh goodie.

Among other things, we also have...

Clare Bertero is giving an eight week adult education course beginning on October 3rd at St. Patrick's in Stoneham - "Overview of Catholic Beliefs". That's their Two Men with Beards and a Bird program. Foundational Theology - Fr. Paul Ritt
Old Testament - Celia Sirois (wasn't she there?)

They're all available for spiritual counseling, the flyer says.

My Jesus Mercy.

Fr. Erickson's letter interestingly enough when reminding people to pray for the priests who have died this month, also reminds people to pray for the priests who are currently "who are on leave, including Reverend Joseph Keil and Reverend Chrstopher Kirwin". This may sound absurd, but do you think they know why they left?

Moving right along - as everyone knows, there's been a cabinet restructure because they don't have the proverbial pot as we are all holding back our money until they have to let go of everyone but O'Malley, Erickson and the groundskeepers. Looks like they put Fr. Coyle on top of the pyramid. Fr. Coyle has been leading the refreshing chaos for the last couple of years on the lay level. I defer to Fr. Anonymous whose comments are above for the synopsis.

Also - Fr. John Kearns, temporary parochial vicar at Sacred Heart in Lynne became unassigned. Why does that name ring a bell? I've scuffled with so many of these some of the names I just start to drool like Pavlov's dog but I don't remember why. Any of you out there remember?

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