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Saturday, September 23, 2006 :::

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Did you know that convicted foreign child molesters are eligible to immigrate to America?

Well, you will after watching this devastating new television ad from my campaign's ad team.

And my opponent, ultra-liberal Democrat Congressman Brad Miller, voted to let it these pedophiles in!

Watch Vernon Robinson's video

As a black conservative, I'm outraged at this nonsense, and can't wait to get into the Congress to close this loophole up.

The shocking fact of convicted pedophiles being allowed to become citizens in America is just one of the issues laid bare to the world in this new spot.

Polling shows the biggest issue in my district is the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INVASION, and this ad holds Congressman Miller responsible for his inexcusable failure to secure the borders.

"Instead of securing the borders," the ad explains, "Brad Miller voted to give these illegal aliens drivers' licenses, Social Security benefits, and many other government freebies."

"These illegal aliens pay no taxes, but take our jobs and our government handouts, then spit in our face, and burn our flag."

Many people argue that illegals are taking only the jobs real Americans won't take.

That's nonsense.

(It sure is, as the many carpenters, electricians, general construction union workers who are currently unemployed while illegals are doing their jobs, shoddily, will tell you.)

The truth is that these illegals can afford to work for less because as illegals they pay absolutely no income taxes, state or federal - and they get paid under the table by employers trying to cheat the system.

This hurts us all, because it robs jobs from Americans, and cheats the tax rolls - which means the rest of us have to pay even higher taxes to pick up the slack for those who pay nothing.

And despite the claims of the bleeding heart liberals that these people "only want a better life here in America," the fact of the matter is that many of them don't work, and don't pull their own weight. They get free medical care from our hospital emergency rooms, and free educations and free lunches in our public schools.

Many of them commit crimes against us and against each other, and YOU pay for the law enforcement that has to hunt them down, YOU pay for their lawyers and interpreters when they are caught, and YOU pay for their incarceration.

And as the new ad says, I've had enough.

I'm all for immigration, the way the rest of our families had to do it.

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