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Sunday, September 10, 2006 :::

Catholic Online has linked The National Catholic Register's feature article on the Voice of the unFaithful

But Voice of the Faithful’s critics contend it is actually a front for activists who dissent on issues like the authority of bishops and the ordination of women.

Such criticism has been fueled by repeated appearances at Voice of the Faithful conferences of dissenters and representatives of organizations that oppose church teachings.

"At a major conference in Boston in July 2002, featured speakers included Debra Haffner,a former official of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington..."

Not to mention that she's the former head of SEICUS and has been leading the crusade to get Sex Education into CCD
When O'Malley met with local moral and sexual dissenters, he told them they were just have to get Haffener's agend accomplished by continuing to work under the radar on the parish level and through dissenters he's putting in charge of Catholic education.

Embracing them under the Voice of the Faithful umbrella would just be too harmful to his dog and pony show.

“We’re at ground zero here in the struggle for the traditional family in Massachusetts with the legalization of homosexual ‘marriage,’” said (C.J.) Doyle. “No one has ever seen a member of Voice of the Faithful in either the pro-life movement or the pro-family movement, and, from the noises they’ve made, they’ve clearly indicated they are on the other side.”

Voice of the Faithful’s Moynihan insisted in an interview that the organization is “neutral” on issues like abortion, homosexuality and women’s ordination.

Asked why the Aug. 24 issue of “In the Vineyard” promotes dissenting opinions on several sensitive issues and has no content supporting church teachings on those issues, Moynihan said that the newsletter was serving as a forum for “discussion.”

We are not taking a position as an organization on any of these issues, but we are encouraging discussion,” Moynihan said. “I think that’s good.”

Moynihan declined to provide any examples of when the newsletter had supported church teachings on the issues mentioned in the Aug. 24 issue. “I’m not saying we’re going to have to give space to the opposing perspective on every issue,” he said.

That's what makes Cardinal O'Malley and Fr. Erikson disingenuous about what is going on behind closed doors with all the sexual dissenters who signed up to teach children how to stimulate their classmates genitalia, what feels good and under what circumstances they should say yes, and where the condoms, contraceptions and abortions are that will keep them all safe.

Fall River, Mass., is one of the dioceses that have barred Voice of the Faithful from meeting on church property. Father Roger Landry, executive editor of the diocesan newspaper, The Anchor, said that Voice of the Faithful is “dying” locally from a lack of support.

In Fall River, most definitely.

In terms of the Archdiocese of Boston, I wholeheartedly disagree. Debra Haffner's sexual agenda is in full swing, being supported by the Cardinal Archbishop.

They don't need to meet in parish basements any more - they're far too busy working comprehensive Planned Parenthood sex education in CCD.

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