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Sunday, September 24, 2006 :::

As many of you have noted via email - yes, I have a new comment system. It's time to frustrate the crap out of the too ashamed to come out of the closet (sociopath) Eric McFadden who is the former head of Catholics for Kerry who has a sorta scary stalking obsession.

You can still post anonymously and I'll be working on some things under the radar to keep McFadden biting his own tail.

I haven't figured out why it's doubled - but for now - - it's up and running and I have other things to attend to. I'm also working on a new blog which I'll be switching to once I can figure out the new technology on blogger and get it looking nice. I'll be switching my shtick over to Catholic Pundit Watch as this more accurately describes the venue of what I do on the blog. Let's face it - for the most part we all need to be edified elsewhere - this is more of a tool to keep on the backs of dissenters, expose corruption, giving political commentary based on authentic Roman Catholic Magisterial Fidelity - etc.

I'm really behind on email, sending thank you notes for your generosity when I asked for people to help me get caught up in some backlog of bills (which I am very grateful for. I think there are only one or two people who sent me a check and I don't have your email addressses to have acknowledged you. Please know I have a pile I'm working on for thank you notes and until you get it - - words cannot convey grateful I am for your generosity and support, love and friendship.

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