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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 :::

Will we ever see the end of McCarrick's drivel?

Here's his response to George Weigel's fabulous column Truth at the 50 Yard Line

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick frequently told his favorite John Paul II story: the story of the Pope walking up the center aisle of Newark cathedral in October 1995, touching people on both sides. This, Cardinal McCarrick suggested, was how priests and bishops ought to act — sticking to the “middle,” in order to be in touch with everyone. Or, as he told National Public Radio, “the job of a priest always forces you to the middle...We’ve got to be in the middle so that we don’t let those on the left or the right get lost.”

Fail to teach the faith to generations was his mantra, and everyone trying to hold to the flock and faith he lost to Christ in every parish wishes he'd get lost.

McCarrick's response to Weigel's column is right out of the Stephen King novel:
McCarrick, who said that through his column that Weigel is guilty of, "deceptive journalism, if not worse," wrote in his letter to the readers of Commonweal that people should, "avoid name calling and personal attacks and be careful that what we say is always true both in its expression and its implication." "Sometimes…it truly is important to set the record straight in the face of half-truths," McCarrick said.

How much more asinine is he going to look before Christ sets the record straight in the face of his half-truths?

That priests and bishops must be able to minister to people across the spectrum of reasonable theological and political opinion goes, or should go, with out saying," Weigel wrote in his article. "That priests and bishops can be true ministers to the Gospel by thinking and acting as if every question were a football field on which truth lies a the fifty-yard line is another matter entirely."


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