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Sunday, August 06, 2006 :::

Whewe awe aww da peopo?

Who’s minding City Hall? Exodus ‘getting worse and worse’

Menino defended himself yesterday, saying it takes time to screen candidates for the top City Hall jobs. “I have a Cabinet and I’m moving things forward in that Cabinet. I’m not going to rush to put someone in charge of these departments,” he said. “It’s about finding the right people for the times.”

The right people for the times?

If a prolifer showed up, are they being denied a job because of the times?

I'd like to know what hypotheses he's using to prevent people from getting jobs.

This is frightening:

A law enforcement source close to Boccia said he was driven out of the job because the mayor micromanaged every decision made by the Homeland Security Office during monthly meetings.

“He felt he was being undermined by the mayor,” said the source. “It was hard to get the job done.”

Maybe we need this Bishop to come to town?

Speaking to Scotland on Sunday, he launched a fresh attack against the Act of Settlement, the 300-year old law which prevents Roman Catholics or those who marry Catholics from ascending to the throne

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