Magisterial Fidelity
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Carol M. McKinley

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 :::

Several of you have commented and emailed about the Thornbird post below.

I do not know the identity of the priests. This is gossip that a reader passed on that he plucked off the internet. It's not exactly unprecedented in this diocese.

There are some comments below about the orthodoxy of the priest and the supposed hypocrisy.

Look - there's two kinds of priests -

"Liberal" priest: Sins, embraces temptation, and tells others to take pride in sins.
"Orthodox" priest: Sins and confesses his sins, avoids temptation, tells others not to sin.

If it's true, that orthodox priests who have fallen to temptation and are leaving the priesthood - it only shows a profound lack of spiritual leadership and care coming out of the Chancery who are too busy pulling publicity stunts to notice.

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