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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, August 27, 2006 :::

Rev Rivers is alleged to have used intimidation to cover up a sex scandal with one of his employees at a youth center.

For those of you from out of town Rev. Rivers has some kind of a Church of his own (hence the title "Rev") which I believe is Christian-based. He's way out there on the left wing of morality - but all about being at the scene of the crimes having his picture taken making statements that the police (or whoever) are somehow responsible for not doing enough to stop crime.

You know the type. They have a pulpit and they use it to encourage the use of condoms. Families sitting in their midst who've been teaching chastity and virtue, holiness...Their kids are wondering what it is they're missing out on because their parents disapprove, but the pastor says is safe and healthy and everyone's doing it.

He's the Walter Cuenin/Priest Forum leader of our black population in Boston.

The kids get into the sex and condoms he promotes, and the moral decay leads to drinking and drugs. They have "youth centers" that help to fortify the immorality but will take them on day trips to museums, the Freedom Trail & Fort Indepedence, therefore, they get public funding from the State.

Apparently a child who fell into a dark lifestyle was offered a state-funded program at River's "Youth Center". She began what she calls a consensual sexual relationship with one of River's workers. She was above the age of sexual consent and therefore, everyone in the Commonwealth wishes her good times and safety and all is well. She claims she ended the sexual relationship when River's worker decided he'd like to try a little sodomy and she said no thank you. She then says he pulled her into the bathroom where there was a toilet sex struggle, she gave him oral sex and he left the 40 dollars on the toilet. Turns out prostitution was involved.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

There she goes again not believing the story.

Listen, I never have and I never will believe anyone who tries to tell me that they were forced to give a man oral sex. It's impossible for me to believe that anyone can be forced to give pleasurable sensations under those circumstances.

If the woman has no teeth or has had a lobotomy, then I'd entertain the story. If she has a set of teeth and a brain - one can cripple a man for hours, days or in perpetuity if one doesn't wish to give pleasurable sensations under those circumstances. Bite hard and long, and as one is biting give a good solid punch to the other part of the system - and there's plenty of time to get away.

It has more paralyzing efficacy than a weapon.

A state lawmaker yesterday called for stricter state rules on private agencies using public money to care for troubled children in the wake of allegations that a Dorchester youth center staffer paid a teenage girl in the agencyÂ?s care for sex.

Kiddos, here's the moral of the story:

Any time you are involved with people in DYS, they have problems they are trying to grapple with themselves, and you need people that are skilled to work with them,Â? said state Rep. Deborah D. Blumer (D-Framingham), who sits on the Joint Committee on Children and Families.

Anyone in their right mind concerned about the safety of children would be interested in the ideas of the people talking to them about sexuality.

Cardinal O'Malley and his lackeys are no more interested in what parents have had to say about the moral fiber of their volunteers and employees than Eugene Rivers. The toilets are no more safe at your local parish than the toilets at the Baker Center unless you are personally with them.

I'm not talking about priests here. I'm talking about the lay people they've recruited. Lots of luck to you if you're dropping your kids at CCD and pulling your car away from the building. Instead of weeding out people with immoral ideas, they recruited them to tell your kids what touches are safe.

The Geleniz story in the Herald, I also found ironic in light of the Chancery buffoonery:

Dunn, you see, was supposed to represent the model of redemption. Problem was, in the 14 years since he participated in the murders of two Roxbury children - Charles Copney and Korey Grant - Dunn never once bothered to offer an apology to, or seek forgiveness from, the mothers of his victims.

Â?He (Dunn) will make a public apology,Â? Rivers assured me that morning, Â?because heÂ?s morally obliged to do that. Will Dunn is going to complete a process of restorative justice which is overdue.Â?

Of course, DunnÂ?s Â?process of restorative justiceÂ? never happened, because the Rev had no desire to make it happen.

But things have changed dramatically in the past few weeks.

Rivers's coterie of thug apostles, those "mentors" and administrators who are paid to take the Rev's message of salvation deep into the mean streets, now apparently have cost the Ella J. Baker House more than $400,000 in grant money from the state.

Coterie of thug apostles. That just about describes the Archdiocese of Boston now, doesn't it. O'Malley has put them all in charge of the formation of children.

In fact, it just about describes the entire USCCB dog and pony show about "safe environments".

I'm sure you've all read by now that Karr, the transexual man who has "confessed" to killing Jon Benet Ramsey worked at at Catholic School?

Oh, but what holy, holy men we have running the Cathedras. Yes, let us not talk naughty about them. Let us hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Shall we?

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