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Monday, August 07, 2006 :::

It finally hit the newspapers

After losing their beloved...

The same Newton Catholic church that waged a losing battle last year to save the job of a beloved pastor who had often clashed with the archdiocese has seen turnover in its parish leadership for the third time in 10 months.

Here was the other one:

The archdiocese also said yesterday the Rev. Christopher J. Kirwan, dean of the faculty at St. John’s Seminary College in Brighton, was taking a leave of absence.

Fascinating that the story didn't tell "why"?

A reader sent me along a link of comments from Kelly Clark's blog

But here's another reason:

The parish tends to post the minutes of their "Parish Pastoral Council" meetings online. From the June meeting:

A parishioner recently posed a good question at a meeting: Is it possible to belong to the church without believing in every teaching of the church? His [co-pastor Father John Sassani's] answer is YES. God’s hospitality is embodied in tangible ways among us and beyond parish boundaries. Hospitality embodies desire for growth.

I have no idea what this means, entirely. I do know that if the question has to do with belonging to Holy Mother Church, the answer is WRONG. Or, at least, really confusing.

If you are a part of the Roman Catholic Church, the acceptance of Her teachings isn't an option. Father Sassani surely knows this.

What is the point of this question and its answer? I ask, not so much for myself since I sorta take what I hear from this parish -- and others! -- with a boxful of Morton's.

But what of the parishioners? Surely many of them rely on the online postings of their pastor(s) and of the reports of their lay "leaders." What are they to think of this rather ambiguous (I hope it's ambiguous, frankly) statement? Remember, this has been there since June. Two months later, it's still there. Couldn't somebody in leadership at this parish have done something to clarify matters? Like, for example, the vague reference to "hospitality?"

As far as I'm concerned the entire debacle - the priest's leaving in droves for sabbaticals and women or what have you - Fr. Sassani's absolute treason - - it all goes to show the profound lack of leadership and spiritual guidance in this diocese.

Sheep without a shepherd, indeed.

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