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Carol M. McKinley

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 :::

I'm going to be doing some fundraising for myself and my family in the next month or so. I'm hoping to raise $5000. to help with some backload of bills I've been carrying since I lost my job last September. I was out of work only for about six weeks but we're all living on the edge here in Massachusetts. I have a great job that I love but I'm still trying to catch up to the zero income during that period of time...the winter was a tough one.

I fell behind in my mortgage and have had to make up for it in nine payments that made my mortgage astronomical - and then other things got behind. I only have two more hefty payments left - - but the other things are way behind and you know how huffy the electric company gets, etc.

One of the priests in the diocese has been telling me to do some fundraising on the blog and I've been resisting for a lot of reasons...I know readers are struggling in this economy and I never wanted to make a profit off what I'm doing.

On the financial, I hope that while I was away you placed your situation to the attention of your readers; pride is a horrible thing. I think they would at least bail you out to catch up on arrear. Every one must know that you spend so much time on your unpaid cyber ministry, to the detriment of bringing in the lettuce.

Donations can be sent to:
Carol McKinley
41 Lady Slipper Circle
Pembroke, MA 02359

If you prefer to send it through a 501 C 3 - you can send it to Catholic Pundit Watch at the same address.

Thanks to anyone who can contribute anything towards the goal.

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