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Monday, August 28, 2006 :::

I'm back.

Many more normal-looking kids showed up late - but I'd still say the number was about 1/4 of the 200 kids that were there.

Where in the Name of Christ are these parents heads?

And, of course, during the orientation, doesn't the assistant principal start talking about her objectives of calling in the ADL to make sure everyone's immorality, absurdity, is respected. Kids are finding out who they are, she said, and there the staff will be to help make them feel secure about it.

Anyone who knows diddlysquat about children knows they're not finding out who they are at all. They're finding out who everyone else is and seeing how far they can go before somebody says: "take that off" "you are not buying that" "you are not wearing that" "no, you may not die your hair" "no, you can not go to that house, I don't know that family" "be home at 10" "no,you can't troll the mall like the hoodsies" "no co-ed sleepovers" "get that music out of here" "shut that television program off" "Stay away from that kid" "no you can't get your tongue pierced" "take your hat off when you enter a building" "open the door for women and children" "get up out of your seat when a woman is in sight" "don't say aint" "don't say that swear" "get your elbows off the table" "use utensils from the outside-in" "put your napkin in your lap" "take a bath every day" "get your hair cut".

You don't let them freelance their way through this immoral, undisciplined, vulgar word as though they need to find their way without our giving them input.

This world is getting wacko.

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