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Sunday, August 20, 2006 :::

Here's an exchange I had with a priest about LifeTeen's Fuschak that I thought was worth sharing -

Regarding the life teen founder, I have zero knowledge of his case, but 2 things occur to me:

Being anywhere near a hot tub and teenagers, exposing or not, is WAY Way beyond 'the near occasion of sin."

2) yes, teens once in a while will discuss sexual questions with a priest in confession, but once of the best documents I ever read was from the Pontifical Council for the Family, "Vademecum for Confessors on some aspects of the conjugal life." It refers to the priest Having "a prudent reserve in inquiring into these sins." that is, the priest's proper response is "uh huh; anything else?" Any priest who goes beyond that especially with teens is bordering on prurience.

I guess you're right about the hot tub. I never saw it like that before. I always tend to think of people with normal sexual urges - - and kids - - just aren't stimulating. I keep forgetting we're talking about men. I always thought of the Fushak types as a Rex Kiddiorum - immature goons who never grew up. So, hopping in a hot tub - - while I learned the hard way to keep my kids away from king of the kiddies priests because the immaturity usually rears its ugly head in other places - - if he wasn't wearing netting when he hopped in - etc - well - - it's not exactly something I'd want to see him wearing an ankle bracelet for. If they wanted to put one on him for Liturgical terrorism - fine.

You're right too about the confessions too I suppose. I was thinking more about finding out what base they went to - - in order to figure out what kinds of things to tell them to avoid - - etc. how to recognize the traps and how to avoid them all together - - talking about masturbation - etc. I guess I'm far too suspicious about false allegations.

Most people confess something like 'violated the 6th commandment" or "lack of purity or charity." that's good enough, they know what they meant, you more or less know what they meant, they thereby implicitly reaffirm that they know sex is for marriage, and most importantly, God knows what they meant.

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