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From Mary Ann Kreitzer...

The strategy used by the speaker to humiliate and label the questioner (described in the article below) is typical of liberals. There is a lot of this type of manipulation and misrepresentation in the so-called safe environment movement. Often questions must be written down and submitted so the speaker can maintain strict control of the meeting.

The so-called safe environment programs have become one more technique for fooling people into believing that homosexuality shouldn't worry them. VIRTUS implies in its power point presentation that homosexual predators are not a problem. It is a "myth" that homosexuals commit the most abuse according to VIRTUS. As I've said before, VIRTUS use the truth to confuse. HOMOSEXUALS HAVE A MUCH HIGHER RATE OF ABUSE THAN HETEROSEXUALS! If you have one homosexual teaching in your CCD program and twenty other volunteers (mostly moms is typical) the homosexual is more likely to abuse than all the others put together. Not to warn employees and volunteers of the warning signs of a homosexual predator is irresponsible, but politically correct. Meanwhile VIRTUS keeps expanding into more and more dioceses while the dollar signs grow and the Catholic Risk Retention Group (parent group of VIRTUS) reports on the great return their investors are getting for the money. What a shell game!

Homosexuality is a serious problem in the Church and it is not being dealt with. To find out why, read Randy Engel's book, Rite of Sodomy. It's a painful book, but the information (all documented) is extensive on the long history of pederasty in the Church, especially the United States. The book is heavily footnoted and Randy doesn't shy from telling the hard truth like Bernardin and Spellman. Until homosexuality in the Church is directly addressed our children continue to be in great danger and parish communities are open to embezzlement, dissent, and other vices which go along with this perversion.

Pray for these sad individuals, but arm yourself against the danger they represent to your children. And parents, be very careful of overnights. The father you don't know well isn't the only risk. With sex education in the schools, the possiblity of smaller children being molested by older children is very real. Keep your little ones close and talk often (in small doses) about the importance of them never keeping secrets from you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer
Les Femmes

"The first law of history is not to dare to utter falsehood; the second, not to fear to speak the truth."
Pope Leo XIII

Recognizing Sexual Predators or Disinformation?
By Mary Kelly Ames

About two and a half years ago, I had taken a series of chastity
initiative training classes given by Mary Louise Kurey of the Chicago
archdiocese's Respect Life Office. I was told that as a volunteer, I
was required to take a training seminar at the Catholic Charities
building on recognizing sexual predators against children. I
understood that everyone who was either a volunteer or employee of the
Chicago archdiocese was required to undergo this class due to the
recent sex abuse scandal. I had some doubts about the necessity of the
course, but understood that it was required, so I signed up for the class.

About 300-350 people attended the class. A male speaker from the East
Coast explained to us that he was part of a consulting group which had
been hired by the USCCB. He said that the bishops had voted
unanimously to hire them as a solution to what had happened. I was
surprised as I immediately thought that any 'solution' should begin in
the seminaries and that each diocese most likely had their own unique
problems and personal issues. Why hire one consulting group for every
diocese in the United States?

Within about ten minutes after the class had begun, I noticed the
speaker was only discussing predators that specifically target
pre-pubescent children such as toddlers or children under ten. He was
very specific in talking about their psychological makeup and
explained to us how we must be vigilant in looking out for the Cub
Scout leader or the adult who always enjoyed taking groups of children
to the skating rink or the swimming pool.

While I had no doubt that these types of predators were indeed
dangerous and agreed with everything he said about them, I kept
wondering when the topic of homosexual priests would arise. The John
Jay Criminal Justice statistics had already come out publicly stating
that 81% of all abuse victims were teenaged boys aged 13-18 who were
abused by homosexually active priests. Should we not be trained to
watch for these types of potential abuse situations?

His talk was followed by a question and answer session. I immediately
raised my hand and was asked to stand. I politely complimented him on
his talk and said that while all of the information presented was very
important, why were we not talking about the homosexual priests who
had committed the vast majority of these abuse crimes? We were only
being trained to watch out for very young children, not teenagers,
especially teenaged boys. The speaker immediately looked at me very
sternly and asked me 'Are you a conservative?'

I laughed and said that yes, in fact I am, but what did that have to
do with my question? He then proceeded to admonish me in front of
everyone in the entire room and told me that I must not generalize or
blame the homosexuals for this problem. To show I was not trying to
discriminate, I quoted Pope John Paul II's pastoral letter about
treating them with dignity and stated what I knew about the statistics
that had come out. He then silenced me and never answered my question.
I realized at that time that we were being grossly misled and would
never be taught the truth.

About a month after the incident, Cardinal George was kind enough to
meet with me, and I reported to him everything that happened. He said
that he had attended a different class (there were several) with the
same speaker and did not like him either. He also apologized for what
happened to me. I told him that thousands of his employees and
volunteers were being misinformed and should not have to go through
such a terrible and deliberately misleading training for the most
severe problem in our church today? It was almost as if we were being
trained on purpose to ignore homosexual priests who could easily abuse
and are known to prey on teenage boys.

The cardinal was very generous to me with his time, and I have great
respect for him, but I still find it difficult to understand why he
felt he had to follow the directives of the USCCB regarding this
scandal when their proposal of hiring a national speaker was so
obviously not a solution to the problem of sexual abuse. These classes
continue to be required for all volunteers and employees of the
archdiocese. The purposeful disinformation provided in these classes
appears to be just another cover-up from the USCCB.

Mary Kelly Ames, secretary of Catholic Citizens of Illinois, is a
member of St. Mary of the Angels Parish and is active in the parish's
young adult ministry.

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